Computer Suddenly Turned Off

Your PC Shuts Down Itself without Any Warning?

Laptop or computer shut down itself without any warning when you are losing yourself in playing games, editing work documents or enjoying some videos, music or the likes? Really have no idea about why this PC turn off itself and also really worry about whether your computer data is damaged for this sudden shutdown? OK! No matter what your situation is right now, read this article and learn what you can do to avoid such computer issues.

Why Does Your Computer Automatically Turn Off?

Generally, unlike rational women, as a production combining countless high technologies, the computer will not get problems without any reason. It is also true when it comes to the automatic computer shutdown. In fact, to help you fix this computer issues smoothly, you are supposed to firstly know more information about the causes as below:
1). Computer is too heated. 
In these days, most of computers are designed to power down itself for protecting the computer components away from burning or damages when the computer is overheated. As a matter of fact, in daily use, there are many reasons that can make your computer too hot, especially when you have used this computer for a very, very long time, open too many games, files, programs and the likes at the same time, or even when the computer fans is damaged in hot summer, etc. In some cases, the dusty computer hardware will also affect the heat registration and also let your computer motherboard or other components overheated. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your computer cool all the time. 
2). Computer detects some vicious viruses or threats.
When computer detects some vicious viruses or threats, like the Trojan horses, worms, spyware and more, in order to protect the core components of your computer away from any unexpected damage, the computer is also possible to shut it itself without any sign.
3).Some special programs require automatic showdown, restarting or rebooting.
In these days, many programs or games, including some antivirus software, video playing tools or some data downloading programs, often requires automatic shutdown, restarting or rebooting when a special task is completed. Of course, in case of some unwanted troubles, many related tools often will give a notification message and ask your permission before the shutting down. You’d better pay much attention with any pop-out and carefully click "Yes" or "No" options when you are using your computer.
4). Sudden power loss or failure
Of course, the computer also can power itself down due to sudden power loss or failures. And the power loss or failure is also often aroused by unexpected power surge, power off or else.

How to Fix This Sudden Computer Shutdown Issue?

After having a good knowledge of the reasons behind the sudden computer shutdown issues, you can start to find the solutions to fix such computer problems correspondently. Here are some common ways for you to fix it:
1). Download & Install an effective computer managing software. 
There are many related computer managers that can help monitor your computer all the time and also let you keep an eye on the computer conditions. For example, with a proper computer managing tool installed, you often can easily scan the computer desktop to know the temperature of the computer CPU. Moreover, it is also not difficult to clearly how many large programs are running at one. Overall, regularly check the monitor data and timely close unnecessary programs or computer to avoid overheating issues.
2). Apply antivirus software to remove all possible virus or threats.
In case of computer automatic shutdown due to virus infection, you’d better download effective antivirus software for your PC and also run it to protect your computer all the time. Once some suspicious files or folders are detected as being infected, immediately delete or separate them to avoid worse troubles.
3). Reset the special programs and remove the automatic reboot function
If you are sure your computer really turns itself off due to the default rebooting or restarting function of your special programs after it has finished the assigned tasks( For example, many antivirus programs often asks you to restart your computer when it has deeply scanned your computer devices and remove all dangerous threats). What you are supposed to do is only to find the software setting interface and remove this function with ease. For
4). Uninstall programs that shut down your computer often when it is in use.
In common use, does your computer often turn off on its own whenever you try to open or play the special program or game? Honestly, some programs or games can also make the computer shut down without any sign when they are too large too run on your computer or they are incompatible with your computer OS. And, if you really face this, simply uninstall these programs and games immediately.
5). Clean the computer components regularly, especially the computer fans…
When the computer components are overheated, the computer will also power itself down. Therefore, in daily use, except applying a computer manager to monitor the computer all the time, you are also supposed to clean the computer hardware or components regularly in case that the common dust or other powder stuffs will impede the normal heat dissipation, especially remembering to clean the computer fans often.  

Pay Attention:

1). Always back up computer data on different drives or locations in case of data loss.
The sudden power loss, power surge, computer shutdown and the likes, all can damage the computer hard drives or other storage devices which are in use and bring data loss troubles. Therefore, in daily use, in case of such trouble some data loss issues, you are also supposed to always play a good habit to back up computer data on different drives or locations well. Of course, if possible, you also can apply a free Cloud storage account and save your important data online.
2). Computer data recovery software can help recover data after sudden computer shutdown
After that unexpected computer shutdown, the computer partition, hard drive or memory card now is inaccessible and asking you to format? Or computer data cannot be used for some RAW file system error or other known/unknown problems? OK! In case of losing very, very important computer documents, mails, films, grams or programs, etc, you’d better not randomly do anything else there and only use data recovery software to take the computer data back at first. NO matter what type of storage devices you are using, simply search for "memory card data recovery", "partition data recovery", "external hard drive data recovery" , "not formatted error recovery" or "RAW file system recovery", etc, on the internet and select a practical one to fix your computer data loss issue.
3). Unplug your computer, if it is possible.
In case of some sudden power loss or power surge situations, you can easily unplug your computer when you are using it to do your work. Of course, this only works when you do have changed the computer battery fully. When the computer battery is in low power for your long use, also remember to timely charge it. 

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