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Hey, your Windows computer just rebooted itself suddenly while you are downloading and running new program? Your desktop computer just rebooted without any sign after you’ve used it for several hours or longer time? Or your laptop just turned itself down all of sudden and opening itself latter when you are trying to transfer much data to external hard drive or USB flash drive? Really want to know the causes of this computer issue and find practical solutions to fix it? OK! Np panic! This article will introduce all your wanted about such random computer rebooting issue in details. Just go on your reading:

Common Reasons behind Sudden PC Rebooting

Here are multiple common reasons why your computer suddenly restarts:
1). Viruses
In these days, many computer viruses, especially like blaster virus, are specially created to damage your computer and reboot it without any warning. Needless to say, some viruses will potentially corrupt your computer system files and make your computer unworkable. And then, the computer will often automatically reboot on its own and try to restore the system damages automatically.
2). Computer software problems
Firstly, the incompatible software is also one of the major reasons that can make your computer reboots. Therefore, always check the software information well and make sure it is workable with your computer before you decide to download and run it there. And then, there are also some computer programs that have been designed with the related functions, like automatic shutdown and rebooting. Therefore, you’d better confirm the software settings and remove all unwanted functions when you firstly use then there.
3). Computer system files are lost or corrupted
In daily use, the computer system files also can be lost or corrupted for many unexpected reasons and make your computer restart from time to time, like mistakenly deleting some indispensable files or folders while uninstalling unwanted programs or games, forcedly removing some Windows system files when getting rid of viruses or malware and more. Moreover, when this computer issue is really aroused by the corrupted system files, before the rebooting, you often will also receive an error warning that reports that your Windows computer system files are deleted or damaged. So, this reason is really easy to recognize.
4). Storage device problems
The personal computer also can shut down suddenly and boot itself automatically due to the problems of your computer storage devices, like internal hard drives, removable hard drives, USB flash drives, external SSD and the likes. For example, the virus-infected USB flash drive can shut down your computer all of sudden. The sudden storage device failures also can make your computer restart in some cases. And, even some loose or faulty device connection also is able to let your computer turn off without sign.
5). Computer power issues
Generally, whether a computer can work normally also is affected by the computer power support. In daily use, the sudden power loss, power surge and unstable power voltage are able to let the computer restarts.

Five Simple Steps to Fix Computer Random Restarting Problem 

Really need fix this computer random restarting problem and use this computer to finish your tasks smoothly? OK! Here are five simple steps for you to check your computer, recognize the possible reason behind and fix it with ease:
Step1. Check whether all computer internal hardware or external storage devices are connected tightly.
As we’ve introduced above, the loose or faulty computer connection is able to make your computer reboot without any sing, you can firstly check all computer internal hardware and external storage devices to make sure they all are connected tightly. Simply safely remove them and insert them again.
Please Note:
In case of farther troubles, extract the external storage devices, like SSD, external drives, pen drives, memory cards and the likes, after you do click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon. Of course, in order to remove the inner components safely, also turn the computer off at first.
Step2. Check whether this computer is attacked by viruses without sign.
In case that the sudden computer rebooting problem is really aroused by virus infection, immediately update your antivirus software to the latest version and run it to scan the whole computer, including your attached external storage devices. And then, patiently wait while it is canning your computer so that you can completely remove all vicious viruses, malware, spyware, worms and more.  
Step3. Check whether the computer will also reboot after uninstalling some incompatible software.
This computer issue also can be caused by computer software issues. In case that such random computer reboot problem occurs to you again, immediately find and uninstall the incompatible software. Of course, if it is caused by some software that has automatic shutdown and reboot functions, also reset it and remove that function right now. What you are supposed to do is to check the software setting options carefully and find that specific function rightly.
Step4. Check whether computer can run well after reinstalling the computer operating system.
After excluding the software issues, you can check whether it is caused by the corrupted or lost operating system files. If you are not sure, merely back up your computer data on a safe device or location and then, uninstall the computer operating system instead.
Please Note:
No matter how urgent you are in that moment, in case of losing important computer data, always move the very, very useful data to another drives or storage devices for backing up in advance. Never forget this.
Step5: Check whether the PC will reboot after adding power outlets or power surge protectors with high quality. 
The computer power, like power surge, power loss or unstable voltage, also is one of the reasons. In the future, in case of similar troubles, add some power outlets or power surge protectors with high quality for your computers and appliances.

Extra Notes to Keep in Mind:

1). Data recovery software can be chances to recover lost data after sudden computer rebooting or restating.
That sudden computer rebooting or restarting process seems to damage your computer drives or external storage devices and make many useful files inaccessible, lost or deleted somehow? Leave the computer drive or storage device alone for a while and then, scan it with data recovery software to recover computer data with success. Generally, after selecting efficient drive data recovery software, it is always an easy task to recover deleted hard drive files, retrieve inaccessible memory card photos and get the missing flash drive videos back.
2). Make computer data backups well before fixing this computer issue.
No matter which one of the reasons are more practical with your computer issues, before you really removing the computer external storage devices, uninstalling the computer OS or uninstalling incompatible software, you’d better make data backups elsewhere to avoid troublesome data loss issues.
3). Ask for the expert insight if you don’t want to mess everything up.
If all the steps also cannot help you fix this computer issue, your problem must be really complicated. In case of messing everything up, remember to ask some experts and see whether they do find solutions to fix everything.

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