Computer suddenly Freezes

Your Computer Freezes Suddenly?

When editing a really urgent document or finishing a very important business task and finding your computer suddenly freeze in that very moment, really want to cry out? When playing online games with your friends as a team and finding the computer has no any response, feel really sorry about what happens? Or you just find your computer keeps freezing recently and that extremely affects your common use? OK! Don’t let your computer drive you crazy! In such cases, what you are supposed to do is to calm down yourself, track down the possible reasons and take practical measures to fix the computer freezing issues. And right now, merely take your time to read this article and learn how to process similar computer freezing problems.

Why Does Your Computer Freeze Up?

People do encounter some computer not responding problem due to many reasons in daily use. You’d better firstly find the specific reason why your computer freeze up and find the solutions correspondingly. Here are some major causes for you to take as references:
1). Computer overheating
Like the related sudden computer rebooting, computer shutdown and computer system crashing, the computer freezing problem also can be aroused by overheat. So, in daily use, always keep your computer cool and clean to avoid some overheating issues caused by dust, broken or unworkable computer fans/CPU Cooler/CPU fans/external fan radiators. 
2). Computer software problems
In most of computer no responding problem cases, many people find their computer just unexpectedly freezes up due to some computer software problems, including: opening too many programs, games, tools and documents at one time or running incompatible software, etc. Moreover, in some cases, such computer problems also happen since the running software does have some fatal bugs.
3). Computer system problems
The computer operating system is really important for maintaining the normal running of your computer. However, in daily use, once the computer system files and folders get some problems unexpectedly, like being deleted or damaged, you will also get some computer problems, like this computer freezing issue. Therefore, you’d better always keep the computer system files and folders safe.
4). Computer hardware problems
The computer hardware problems also can greatly affect the common operation of your computer and cause computer no responding problems. For example, when your computer internal hard drive does have no enough free space, your computer does have a really high chance to freeze up in use. When your hard drive has got too many bad sectors or fragments, your laptop is also possible to stop responding. And, at last, the computer hardware failure is also one of the major ones to make your computer freeze up.
5). Human mistakes
Except the above listed reasons, the computer freezing up issue also can happen due to some human errors. For example, when you directly click the power button to shut down the computer, not the common "Shut off" option of your computer system, it could be really possible to freeze your computer. When you do click many computer options or buttons of different programs/documents/games too quickly, you also can get a freezing computer. Overall, always give enough time for them to response before you go choose the next option or button.

How to Fix Computer When It Stops Responding Somehow?

When your computer unfortunately stops responding somehow, here are some practical solutions that can help you restore the common use of your computer.
1). Close no responding programs or files with Windows Task Manager
Your computer just stops responding when you click one program or file? Go close this program or file immediately. But, if it cannot be closed in the common way, you can easily open the Window Task Manager to go on. Simply press "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" keys at the same time and choose "Start Task Manager" option. And then, click the "Application" or "Processes" tab to highlight your opened program or file. And, at last, press "End Task" to close all related processes. 
2). Restart the computer
But, if the Windows Task Manager tool also can help restore your computer use, you’d better rightly restart this computer to take chances. Simply click "Start" to press "Restart" button and wait till the computer reboots well. And at last, check whether your computer can run normally as before.
Please Note:
The above two methods often work when the computer crash is not aroused by computer system issues.
3). Test or diagnose computer and fix all possible hardware problems.
The computer hardware problem also brings people problems and makes the computer freezes without sign. Therefore, after restore the computer use, remember to test your computer hardware, especially the attached internal/external hard drive or flash drive, with CHKDSK tool like this: right click this hard drive or flash drive to choose "Properties" in "My Computer" interface and open "Tools" tab to press "Check Now" button. And then, choose the both of the listed two options to repair the drive problems with ease. Of course, if it is necessary, the hard drive diagnosing software also can help find the drive problems and fix them all with success.
4). Update the computer Windows system to its latest version or reinstall Windows
When the computer no responding problem is caused by the damaged or lost computer system issues, you can easily trty to update the computer Windows system to the latest version or straightly reinstall it to see whether the same problems will frequently happens.
5). Scan your computer deeply to remove all viruses.
The viruses and other dangerous threats also can damage the computer and cause the computer freezing problem in some cases. Therefore, scan your computer and hardware with antivirus software thoroughly and remove all possible threats completely.
5). Visit the local computer repairing shop
Computer also still stop responding even when you do have tried the above mentioned solutions? Your computer must get some serious issues, in case of encountering worse computer problems, you’d better visit the local computer repairing shops and see how much money it will cost to fix this computer problems.

How to Prevent Computer from Freezing?

It is really not your willing to freeze your computer up and cause more unwanted computer troubles, right? No worry! Here are some measures that you can take to prevent your computer away from such no responding issues:
1). Do not open too many programs, websites, documents or tools at a time.
Generally, even when you do get a computer with the best configuration, you also are able to free your computer up when you do open too many programs, websites, documents and tools at a time. Why? The more tools or applications you are running, the more likely you are to overload your computer resources and make the computer stop responding. Therefore, in daily use, always reduce the computer memory usage and always delete useless sites or programs timely.
2). Keep computer drive with enough free space and also keep it healthy all the time.
The sudden computer issues can be aroused by many hard drive problems, like too many bad sectors, hard drive failures, hard drive with no enough free space and overheated hard drive and more. So, to avoid facing the similar sudden computer freeing issues, you’d better always keep computer drive with enough free space, including timely deleting some useless information, like computer registry, histories, temp files, videos, photos and more. Merely clean the drive up regularly. Moreover, if it is necessary, also test or diagnose the computer drive and fix all possible drive issues timely.
3). Keep computer cool all the time
In case of some unwanted computer problems, also keep computer cool al the time, especially in hot summer. Merely buy an external fan radiator for your computer when the inner CPU fans are not as efficient as you hope. Of course, if the inner installed CPU coolers can work perfectly, also remember to timely check the cooler and clean it regularly away from dust in the future.
4). Use your computer and related devices rightly and safely
Such compute freezing issues also can happen due to many other known or unknown reasons, you’d better always use your computer and related devices rightly and safely.

Read More Notes:

1). Back up computer data all the time.
Before you text or diagnostic computer drives, uninstall the computer system or restart your computer, always remember to firstly back up the important computer data on another external drives, flash drives or online storage, if it is possible. In case of permanent data loss troubles, the computer data backups stored on different drives or devices are always necessary to be prepared well in advance.
2). You can try to recover lost computer data with data recovery software after sudden freezing.
Have lost many important photos, videos, documents, applications and more after that sudden computer no responding problem? Also still hope you can have chance to take any previous computer data back? OK! No matter how badly your computer problems are right now, scan the computer drive, external drive or flash drive with drive data recovery software to take chances. With luck, it is always possible for people to recover lost data from external hard drive, USB pen drive and other storage devices.

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