Computer Security Certificate Error Fix

Computer Keeps Giving Security Certificate Errors?

"Hello, in these days, whenever I try to open my YouTube with my Internet Explorer 8 browser, a security certificate error message would pop out and stop me doing anything farther. What am I supposed to do now? I really need to access my YouTube account and upload something interesting. Do you have any idea to help me fix this security certificate error problem? Thanks!"

Hello, friends. Have you ever visited your YouTube account with that Internet Explorer 8 before? If so, your computer problem may be not so simple. But, also do not panic! Go check much more detailed information of such computer security certificate error problems here:

Why You Do Get Security Certificate Error Messages?

Generally, computer website security certificate is only some identification that some websites own and allow internet web server to check and decide whether this website is safe to be used or visited. However, if the certificates of your clicked websites are lost, deleted, damaged or invalid or get some other errors, the internet web server will not be able to verify them smoothly and have to immediately give you the security certificate error message to warn you that this site may not be as safe as you think. Of course, in some cases, some potential vicious viruses also can bring people similar unwanted security certificate error problems. Moreover, this security certificate error message would keep popping out unless you find the safe certificates for that site or reset your internet browser to remove this security certificate error message warning.

What Symptom Shows You Are Stuck in PC Security Certificate Error Troubles?

When the related computer Security certificate error problems comes, people often receive a error message before opening this specific website.
Here is the common error message related to security certificate error:

This is a problem with the website’s security certificate.
The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.
The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.
Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.
We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.
Click here to close this webpage.
Continue to this website (not recommended).
More information

Overall, whenever you get this error message, you are often highly suggested not to open this website for the safety of your PC. In fact, if this computer security certificate error problem is really caused by some dangerous viruses, closing that website really helps. Therefore, do not try to underestimate the function of such certificate error warnings.

How to Remove Computer Security Certificate Error Messages?

Though these computer security certificate error messages really works in protecting your PC away from some suspicious or unsafe websites, you still want to visit your needed sites for some reasons? Also really need remove these computer security error message problems completely? OK! Here are several methods for you to stop such error message popping out again:

1). Go check and adjust the computer system time.
In some cases, people also get similar certificate error messages due to wrong computer system time. To remove the related error problems, merely go check and adjust the computer system time as below:

Step1. Open your PC "Control Panel" Window like this: Start=> Setting=> Control Panel.

Step2. Click "Time, Language and Region" to choose "Change Date and Time Setting" item there.

Step3. Correct the right date and time there and click "Internet Time" tab.

Step4. Hook the option saying: "Automatically synchronize with an internet time server".

Step5. Press "OK" to save all setting well.

And then, go check whether the certificate error messages will come out again.

2). Go download and import the correct and safe certificate to your Internet Explorer.

you have to visit that website with security certificate website frequently in the future, in order to stop such error message popping out, one of the effective ways is to download and import a safe and right certificate to your Internet explorer.
What you are supposed to do is only to search and download a correct certificate of your needed website. And then, import that certificate to your internet Explorer 8 as below:

Step1. Open your Internet Explorer 8 to click "Tools" tab and choose "Internet Options".

Step2. Press "Content" button to find "Certificate" item and open the "Certificate" Windows.

Step3. Click "Import" option and follow the Wizard guidance to install your downloaded certificate of your needed websites.

And then, restart your Internet explorer 8 and go see whether you can open your wanted site smoothly as before.

3). Go reset your Internet Explorer to remove related certificate error messages forever.

You find no safe certificate for your wanted website and also wonder to use it often? OK! There is also a practical method for you to go. Merely reset your PC internet explorer and let the error message never pops again like this:

Step1. Also open "Internet Options" window and click "Advanced" tab there.

Step2. Go browsing the setting lists there and find "Warn about invalid site certificates" option there.

Step3. Remove the blue mark there before that option and click "OK" to save all setting well.

And then, after changing the setting of your PC internet explorer, even when the web server really detect some websites with invalid certificates, you will never receive similar certificate error messages again.
Please Note: In case of losing / deleting computer files unexpectedly or more troublesome computer problems, because of using or visiting unsafe sites, this method is not recommended.   

4). Go scan your entire computer with antivirus software.

If you do have tried all the methods mentioned above and find your computer also gives the similar security error messages over and over again, your PC may be virus infected. Stop doing anything farther to make things worse and start your antivirus software to scan your entire computer to clean all possible viruses up. Of course, in case of leaking some dangerous threats, also format your computer hard disk to remove all viruses completely.

Please Note: After removing possible viruses completely, you can perform quick format recovery or full format recovery process to rescue lost computer files, games, programs and more when there is no data backup prepared.

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In daily use, except such security certificate error messages, people also receive much more known or unknown error messages, including: "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now…", "CHKDISK is not available for RAW drives" or "disk blank or unsupported file system" and more. No matter which one of them you have encountered, do not rush to do anything before you check and prepare computer hard disk data backups well on several drives or locations in case of messing everything up. And then, keep yourself calm and consult experts or search related computer problems over the internet to find practical solutions.

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