Computer Program Not Responding Error Problem Fix

Computer Keeps Giving "Program Not Responding" Error Message?

"Hello, in these days, my Windows 7 computer keeps stopping me opening or accessing a program with a Program Not Responding error message and freezes itself up for a while. I really don’t know what’s going on there. Does that computer program damaged somehow or my computer has got some unknown problems? Please help me fix this program not responding error problem. Thank you very much!"

Hello, friends! Most computer users do have ever been troubled by such "Program Not Responding" error messages since there are many causes that can bring people such error problems, like virus attacking, a lack of computer resources, essential program file and folder deleting or loss, low computer memory, program conflicts and more. Merely check your computer conditions and see which one of them is practical for you. And then, also follow proper solutions to fix this "Program Not Responding" error problem of your PC smoothly.

Why Such "Program Not Responding" Error Messages Pops Out?

Every time when you are trying to use or run a program, you will receive a error message telling "Program Not Responding"? The computer also freezes at the same time? Even wait for a while and also be stopped with not responding error warning? OK! No panic! Like all common computer problems, such "Program Not Responding" error issues also happen for reasons. Go check some common causes behind and see which one of them is familiar for you:

1). A lack of computer resources.
When trying to using or running a program, computer will need resources, like computer hard disk space, CPU and the like, to read and write the related program files and folders. Once there are too many programs used at the same time or there is no enough computer resource left for this program, you often will receive this "Program Not Responding" error messages.
2). Important files and folders of this program are deleted, lost or corrupted.
Like running the computer operating system, while running a program, computer also needs to read some important files and folders. However, if the essential files and folders are deleted, lost or corrupted, the computer will be not able to start it properly and tell you the computer program does not response.
3). Software conflicts.
Have you opened various programs or installed several similar programs before you have encountered this computer not responding error problem? If so, your computer error also could be caused by software conflicts. For example, the already opening programs can conflict with your program that you want to run. Or the already installed similar programs can conflict with each other and let your software work improperly. Therefore, go check your programs well.
4). Virus
After you double click program shortcut on the desktop to start it, the computer often will quickly apply computer resources for this program and prepare to read your program information there. However, when a large amount of your computer resource is occupied by viruses or virus infected files, programs or processes, your computer will also cannot open your computer improperly and gives such no responding error messages.
Hence, go check your computer and see which of them are useful for you.

Simple Solutions to Fix Windows Computer "Program Not Responding" Error Problems

Don't want to be stopped by such "Program Not Responding" error message while you are trying to use your program next time? OK! Here are several solutions that can help you:

1). End this no responding program with computer Task Manager.
If you have not continuously received such "Program Not Responding" error messages in these days, your computer problem may be not as serous as you think. Merely close this not responding program and restart it to have a try as below:

Step1. Click "Ctrl + Alt + Del" buttons to open "Windows Task Manager" interface.

Step2. Open "Applications" tab to highlight the no responding program or press "Process" tab to choose all related program processes.

Step3. Click "End Process" to close this program.

And then, restart this program to see whether it will be properly applied.

2). Go check and restore deleted, lost or corrupted program files and folders.

Merely open the related files and folders to see whether there are some crucial ones are deleted, lost or corrupted somehow. If you do find some ones, go apply data recovery software to recover deleted files. If the data recovery software doesn’t work there, go search and download related files and programs to restore the common use of your programs. Of course, if you cannot restore this program manually, also remove it and reinstall a newly downloaded version instead.

3). Go check installed software to remove software conflict issues.

If you do have opened several programs already before you are stuck in such program no responding error troubles, merely close them all to see whether you can open your desired program successfully this time. If you do run it well there, remember to avoid opening these programs at the same time in the future. Of course, if you only have installed several similar programs there before you get that "Program Not Responding", merely remove or uninstall them to see whether it works.

4). Release more computer resources.

Since such program no responding error problems could be caused by a lack of computer resources during starting, you can go try to release more computer resources with bellow methods:
* Delete all useless temp files, registries, entries, trash files and the like to free up more computer space.
* Uninstall or remove unnecessary programs, games and applications.
* Clean up computer internal hard disk.
* Increase the computer virtual memory.
* Extend computer memory with external hard disks, flash drives or more storage devices.
Overall, try to free up much more computer space.

Please Note: No matter which way you prefer to release your computer resources, remember to back up your important hard disk data well in case of any data recovery processes, including undeleting computer USB flash drive, quick format recovery or recovering files deleted from Recycle Bin, etc. 

5). Kill viruses

Download the latest version of reliable antivirus software and install it on your PC to perform a thorough scanning there. Merely apply it to kill all possible viruses, mal-wares, spy-wares and the like threats. After virus removing processes, as with the deleted or removed files and folders, some computer hard disk data recovery software could be your chances.

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