Computer NTLDR Is Missing

Computer Says NTLDR Is Missing, Press Any Key to Restart?

"Hello, recently, my computer cannot boot up after being upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 OS since there is an error messages saying: 'NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart'. However, when you click any button of the keyboard to restart, the same error message will cover the computer screen again. Does my computer corrupt somehow? What doest that NTLDR is missing error message mean? Is it possible to find or restore the missing NTLDR back? Thanks for any nice clue here!"

Hello! Have ever tried to upgrade your computer Windows OS? You do have finished the entire OS upgrading process on your own? You are sure you do have installed everything well? In fact, when you do have not removed the old Windows XP OS off from your PC rightly or have not installed the new Windows 7 OS properly there, it is really possible for you to get such computer missing NTLDR issues. Of course, you also are able to encounter such NTLDR is missing error messages due to many other reasons, like mistaken deletion, virus, reset boot device order and more. Merely keep on reading this article to know more.

What Does the Computer "NTLDR Is Missing" Error Message Mean?

The NTLDR files, also fully called NT Loader files, often refer to some read-only hidden computer system files that are generally placed on the computer system partition and can help guide PC to boot up smoothly. However, when your computer NTLDR files are deleted, lost or damaged, your PC will certainly not be able to load the computer OS well and also cannot restart successfully as you hope. That's also why you get some error messages saying: "NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart", "NTLDR is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart" or "Boot: Couldn't find NTLDR. Please insert another disk" and the like missing NTLDR problems.

What Makes Your Computer Reports NTLDR Is Missing?

The similar computer "NTLDR is missing" error problems happen to people due to many reasons, like:

1).Computer NTLDR files are deleted or damaged by mistake.

As you've read about, the NTLDR files are needed for people to start or restart their computers. Hence, once the NTLDR files is deleted or damaged by mistake, it really brings people improper booting-up problems. Actually, in daily use, the NTLDR files stored on the computer C drive or system partition is really possible to be deleted, lost or corrupted due to some wrong deleting or formatting operations. Have you delete anything reserved on your C drive before you get such missing NTLDR error messages?

2). Install or reinstall computer operating system improperly.

How do you install or reinstall your computer Windows operating system? Follow any step-by-step tutorial or the related guide? If not, you'd better check whether your OS is installed or reinstalled well there. In fact, some improper OS installing or reinstalling processes also could let the computer find no NTLDR files at the wrong places and make such missing NTLDR error messages pop out.

3). Computer boot order is changed somehow.

Have you changed your computer boot order before you get related missing NTLDR error messages? In fact, if your computer boot order is also changed somehow during that installing or reinstalling process, the computer also will also give similar "NTLDR is missing" error messages since it has been guided to read the wrong boot storage device.

4). Computer internal hard disk is damaged.

5).Some viruses corrupt or delete the computer NTLDR files without warning.

The viruses hidden on your PC also could corrupt or delete the NTLDR files without any warning and make your computer unworkable.

How to Fix Such Computer Missing NTLDR Error Problems?

Learn to fix your computer missing NTLDR error problems as below:

1). Go boot up your PC from bootable CDs, DVDs, flash drives and external hard disks.
In order to make sure whether your computer NTLDR files is really deleted or lost by mistake, go restart your computer from another bootable CDs, DVDs, external hard disks or flash drives. And then, merely go access your system partition and check whether these NTLDR files are still stored there well.

Please Note:
*If your NTLDR files are really damaged or deleted by mistake, go restore them back from the Windows OS CD.
*If there are also many other important files that are also deleted accidentally, go recover deleted files from computer partition wit deleted file recovery software.

2). Reinstall your computer OS correctly.
If you do have get such missing NTLDR problems since you do have improperly installed or reinstalled your computer OS, go reinstall the computer Windows operating system with the right guidance. It is really necessary to open the OS installing guidance posted on the Windows official website, if you really have never ever performed any OS reinstalling or installing processes by yourself.

3). Change your computer boot order.
If your computer boot order is really changed during that OS installing or reinstalling processes, go reset your internal hard disk with OS loading as the first boot device in BIOS interface. What you are supposed to do is only to turn on your PC and press F2 button continuously till the BIOS Setup Utility interface comes. And then, select Advanced BIOS Features option to click Hard Disk Boot Priority. And at last, set your internal hard disk with OS installed as the first boot item there.

4). Check your computer internal hard disk.
Merely disconnect the computer internal hard disk to see whether it gets loose or faulty connections. And then, run CHKDSK to see whether it has been physically damaged. And then, if the internal hard disk is really irreparable, go search and purchase a better new one.

Please Note:

*No matter whether this computer hard disk is damaged or not, before you disconnecting or changing it, remember to save at least one extra copy of everything valuable on another external drive, flash drive or online storage.

*No matter what type of computer hard disk data loss troubles you've encountered after rude extraction, including computer "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives" error, computer "disk is not formatted" error or more, data recovery software free could be your chance to recover inaccessible hard disk contents.

5). Scan and remove computer viruses.
No matter whether the missing NTLDR files are deleted or corrupted by viruses, performing a thorough antivirus scanning process on your computer internal hard disk is really necessary. If there are really vicious viruses deleted, go separate or remove them completely. If there is no any suspicious data found, also do not feel relieved too long. Remember to do deep antivirus scanning processes on your PC regularly.  
Please Note: If you format your computer hard disk to clean viruses up there, go download format recovery software to rescue original hard disk information.

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