Computer No Disk Loaded Error with DVD Drive

Last updated on 10/03/2018

Computer DVD Drive Gets No Disk Loaded Error

"Hello, I have bought a new desktop computer with Windows 7 installed and recently got a no disk loaded error problems. Could you help me with this? Honestly, this morning, I just booted up this PC, plunged a CD into the computer DVD drive and attempted to load some programs and files from this inserted CD. However, while trying to open it on My Computer, I just found no disk was loaded there. There was no any icon of this CD displayed on My Computer interface. It was also the same under Disk Management. Is there any idea to help resolve such computer no disk loaded error issues? How can I successfully load data from my CD? Thanks for any help!"

Hello, have you tried to reconnect this CD and try to load your files there again? Or have you ever used this CD on another computer and does it work well there? Honestly, such DVD drive no disk loaded error problems are often products of complex reasons, like the DVD drive problems, DVD drive connection issues, CD or DVD problems and more. Just go read this article and see how to resolve such DVD drive no loading disk problems.

Why Your Computer Cannot Load Files from DVD or CD Inserted into PC DVD Drive?

Really want to know why you are unable to load data from the inserted DVD or CD on your desktop PC? No worry! There are often several common reasons behind such no disk loaded error problems as below: 

1). Bad DVD or CD

Are you sure your inserted DVD or CD is still in good state? Have you ever used it on another computer and is it workable there? Honestly, when the plunged CD or DVD is bad or corrupted seriously, your computer will surely not be able to read or load it as you wish. So, go check it at first. 

2). DVD or CD incompatible issues.

Before inserting this DVD or CD to this PC DVD drive, have you checked whether it is compatible with your Windows PC and the built-in DVD drive? In fact, The related no disk loaded error issues also could be caused by incompatible problems. 

3). Loose or faulty connection

How long this CD or DVD has not been used on a computer or other devices? Have you connected this DVD, CD or DVD drive correctly? In daily use, when your computer DVD drive, DVD or CD is dirty or when your computer DVD drive is incorrectly connected, the same unable to load disk issues also come to you. Hence, correct the connection soon. 

4). Corrupted DVD drive

Of course, except some issues related to the connected DVD or CD, such issues also could be aroused by corrupted DVD drive. Though your computer is completely new, a bad DVD drive problem is also possible in your case.
Overall, no matter whether it is a dirty connection, damaged DVD, CD or DVD drive or else reasons, you are supposed to keep calm and take measures to resolve such no disk loading issues.

How to Fix Such Computer No Disk Loaded Error with DVD Drive

No matter whether you do have make sure why you get such no disk loaded error with your PC DVD drive, here are several suggestions for you to fix such error problems:

1). Reconnect the DVD drive, DVD or CD

In some cases, such computer DVD drive loading no disk issues could happen to people due to some temporary issues, like incorrect connection, dirty connection or even some temporary computer issues. Merely go reconnect this DVD drive, DVD or CD to take chances.
Please Note: If possible, also connect the DVD drive with different connection ports. 

2). Clean the DVD drive, the plunged DVD or CD, and connection ports.
Since a dirty connection also could put an negative effect on the disk reading, you'd better also go clean the DVD drive, DVD, CD and the connection ports completely.

3). Check the inserted DVD or CD to see whether it is workable or compatible there

Firstly, check the DVD or CD instructions to see whether it is compatible with your Windows PC.
Do you still remember the type number of this DVD or CD to track its compatible details online? If not, also do not worry. Just go check the official site and find the instructions and descriptions of this DVD or CD over the internet.

Secondly, extract this DVD or CD and try it on another computer. 

If you are not sure whether it is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10, or whether it is still workable on your PC, merely extract it out from this new PC and try it on another computer to take chances. If it is able to be read well on another PC, it must be incompatible there and go try to load the needed files from another compatible CD or DVD. 

4). Change anther DVD drive if it is really damaged

Of course, if you are sure that you do have got a damaged DVD drive, also go contact the sellers to see whether it is possible to change one.

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