Computer Missing Operating System Error Fix

Computer "Missing Operating System" or "Operating System Not Found" Error

"Hello, friends there! I need your help to resolve my PC missing operating system error problem! Honestly, this morning, I had installed Windows 7 operating system on my Samsung laptop and also set an internal hard disk as the bootable device in BIOS setting. But, I didn't know whether it was set right or not. When trying to restart this PC, I just received a error message saying missing operating system. What can I do to this computer error? Thanks for any answer here!"

"Hey! Experts there! My Dell computer kept giving me an error message reporting 'operating system not found'. I didn't know why and also have no idea to resolve this problem till now. Do you have any suggestion? Any help would be highly appreciated!"

Have you guys all re-set your computer BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) and let it boot from a storage device that holds no computer operating system? If not, also do not panic! Here are also other possible causes of your computer missing operating system error problems. Merely find your reasons of this computer problem and go fix it with ease solutions here.   

Possible Reasons behind Computer Operating System Not Found Errors

Such computer missing operating system error issues can happen to people because of the following reasons:

1). Computer BIOS deletes no hard disk that holds PC OS files and folders.
What have you done to your PC before you encounter this operating system not found error? Change the PC Boot sequence and set a wrong storage device that holds no OS files and folders as the first bootable device? OK! If so, during booting, your computer BIOS often is not able to detect or read the desired PC OS files and folders. And then, as a result, you will be told the computer operating system cannot be found. Hence, go check the computer bootable device sequence, if it is possible for you.

2). Computer hard disk that loads operating system is damaged somehow.
Have checked your computer internal hard disk, which loads your PC operating system, to see whether it is still workable? In such cases, though you do change nothing about the BIOS bootable device sequence, you also are able to receive similar computer missing operating system error messages when the hard disk with your operating system files and folders stored is damaged or corrupted due to long time use, bad sectors or other physical drive issues. Therefore, go check your computer hard disk to see whether it is till useful on any PC or computer.

3). Delete or Lose important operating system files mistakenly or unintentionally.
Except some possible causes related to your computer hardware, the computer missing operating system problems also could be aroused by some causes related to your computer software, especially the computer operating system issues. In fact, in daily use, there are many possible changes to make people delete or lose their important OS files mistakenly or unintentionally, like:
* Accidentally delete some Rundle 32. exe or DLL files during frequent software installing, uninstalling and re-installing.
* Unexpectedly delete some Dell related files when trying to remove some trash files and folder.
* Unwillingly delete some operating system files and folders due to virus attacking.
Hence, go check whether your essential operating system files and folders are also deleted/ lost.

4). Sudden PC Power Loss
Have you experienced sudden computer power loss situations before you are stuck in this PC operating system not found trouble? OK! The related sudden power loss can not only damage the internal hard disk of your computer and also can corrupt the computer operating system sometime. Hence, always use your computer with full power.

5). Improper Computer Operations
Delete or lose some PC OS files and folders on purpose and find some of them play an important role in usual PC booting? Damage or drop computer internal hard disk, especially the PC C partition with operating system installed, in daily use? Or wipe some crucial PC operating system when you are trying to erase some temporary files? OK! The related improper computer operations also can bring your PC operating system not found error issues in daily use.

Practical Solutions to Fix Computer Missing Operating System Error Problems

Want to know what you can do when you are stuck in computer operating system not found error problems? OK! Here are methods for you to resolve this computer issues:

1). Boot computer from Windows OS DVD/ bootable external hard disk/ USB flash drive
Have tried to reboot your PC several times and also get the same missing operating error problems? OK! No panic! Go try to boot your PC from external Windows OS DVD, bootable hard disk or USB flash drive at first and see what you can do to this computer problem. And what you are supposed to do is also really simple:
Step1. Plunge this Windows DVD, bootable external hard disk or flash drive to your PC.
Step2. Click the power button of your PC and press "F2" to open the "BIOS Setup Utility" interface.
Step3. Choose "Advanced BIOS Features" option and open "Hard Disk Boot Priority" interface.
Step4. Set your plugged storage device as the first location to boot your PC and press "Esc" button to the main screen.
Step5. Restart this computer and see whether your PC can reboot successfully.

Please Note:
* This method often works when the attached Windows OS DVD or bootable hard disk/flash drive do have needed operating system installed. The common storage device makes no difference.
* If this PC could be restarted with external drive or flash drive, your computer operating system not found error issues must be caused by the operating system issues, not the internal hard disk issues.
* Before resetting the attached external storage device in hard disk boot priority interface, also check whether you’ve set your original bootable hard disk well. If not, merely set it well and reboot your PC to take chances. 

2). Re-download the deleted or lost files of your PC Operating system, especially some DLL files
Find your computer missing operating system issues are caused by deleted, lost or corrupted operating system files, like important DLL files? OK! In common cases, you often can easily download compatible new DLL files online to go on your computer performance. But, this way doesn’t always work in all situations. You should firstly give it a try!

3). Reinstall computer operating system at last
Many essential computer operating system files and folders are deleted, lost or corrupted somehow? OK! When you cannot fix this PC operating system not found problem by downloading lost related files, you can straightly reinstall this PC operating system to repair everything well.

Please Note:
* Remember to export the important PC data to other storage devices before the operating system reinstalling process.
* If it is possible, also download and install the latest version of your needed PC operating system.

4). Instead the physically damaged internal hard disk with a new one.
Computer also gives the same missing operating system error messages when you do have tried to boot it from external bootable storage device? OK! In such situations, your computer internal hard disk must be damaged somehow, just try this hard disk on another computer and see whether it is seriously corrupted. If it is really physically damaged, just instead it with a new one and go check whether you can boot your PC as usual.
Hope these mentioned methods are enough to help you out.

Please Note:

* Immediately back up computer important files, tools and related stuffs after boot.
It is really necessary to immediately extract all important computer files, tools, videos and the likes and save them all on different drives, locations or online storage once you find you get similar computer missing operating system issues. Why? It is really necessary to act carefully to protect your crucial computer data well before making any measure to fix these computer issues. And, creating PC data backups should be the fist one. Hence, go back up your computer data right now.

* Recover Lost PC data from internal hard disk with hard disk file recovery after improper operations.
You also mistakenly delete or lost your PC internal hard disk data due to some improper operations when trying to fix this operating system not found error problem? OK! Stop what you are doing right now and download data recovery software free for hard disk to recover lost data back at first in case of worse data loss troubles.

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