Computer Memory Write/Read Failure

Computer Memory Allocation Error Happens to Your PC?

"Hey, this morning, I got a memory write/read error message saying: "Memory write/read failure at…, read … expecting …. To resolve this issue, please try to reset the memory…" I really didn't know what's going on there. What can I do now to fix this failure error? Any help would be appreciated greatly here! "

Hello, have you checked your computer internal hard disk and see whether the computer internal hard disk is corrupted and cannot be recognized there? Honestly, such computer read/write failure issues often happen for many computer related problems, including the computer file system issues, virus attacking issues or computer running program issues, etc, not only the hard disk problems. Hence, go check the below reasons and see what you can do to fix this memory write/read failure problem.

Possible Reasons & Solutions Related to Memory Write/Read Failure Errors
Generally, the computer can get related memory write/read problems due to many reasons and the related fixing solutions also are able to be different correspondingly. Go follow the possible reasons and solutions to fix everything back:

Reason1: Computer internal Hard disk problems

In fact, after encountering such computer write/read failure problems, most of people often will naturally guess whether their computer internal hard disks are damaged or not, for the computer memory problems are often proved to be related with the computer hard disk issues in some degree at last. Here are some possible hard disk issues that can cause the memory write/read errors:
* Computer internal hard disk is failed or gets too many bad sectors or the related physical damages.
* The new computer internal hard disk is incompatible with your PC.
* The connection parts of your internal hard disk or your computer motherboard are filled with dust and do not allows the computer to read it rightly.
* Computer hard disk driver is unstable or incompatible on your PC and affects the common reading/writing.
Overall, the related computer memory write/read failure errors could be caused by different internal hard disk problems.

Solution1: Go check compute internal hard disk state carefully.
No matter whether you’ve also doubted about the healthy state of your computer hard disk, what you are supposed to do now is also go check your computer hard disk carefully.
Firstly, shut down the computer and disconnect this hard disk to see whether it is caused by faulty or loose connection.
Secondly, re-connect this hard disk to your PC and test it with diagnostic tools to see whether it is still healthy.
Thirdly, go try this drive on another computer to see whether it can be read well on other computers when you find it gets no physical problem after being deeply scanned by some diagnostic software.
Please Note:
*No matter what you are going to do, always create drive or partition data backups on other USB hard disks or storage devices in case of losing important PC data.
*If you do delete or lost something important out from this computer internal hard disk during the disk checking process, also do not feel depressing. The computer hard disk data recovery software free is also your chance to recover lost files from external hard disk or internal hard disk with ease.

Reason2: Computer Software Issues

After checking the hard disk state, you just find it gets no logical or physical issues there? OK! In this situation, you can straightly exclude your guess that this computer problem is caused by damaged internal hard disk and see whether this write/read failure error is aroused by computer software issues, like:
* Your computer file system does have loopholes and is really easily attacked by any threat over the internet. 
* The running programs or processes conflict with the previously opened applications or processes.
* The installed or used programs or tools do gets bugs.
All these listed software problems also can bring your computer memory write/read failure errors.

Solution2: Go check computer software carefully. No matter whether your computer write/read failure problems are really aroused by related computer software issues, go check your PC Windows file system and programs carefully.
Firstly, go update the computer operating system and see whether this error problem could be resolved.
Secondly, go uninstall some similar programs and leave only one or two to avoid software conflicts.
Thirdly, go remove some programs that do have serious bugs when they are not so indispensable there.
Overall, get rid of all possible computer software issues to remove this computer memory write/read errors.
Please Note: Never remove some programs or tools that will extremely affect the common performance of your PC.

Reasons3: Virus Infection Issues

The potential viruses hidden on your computer internal hard disk, files and folders are also able to be one of the reasons that make you meet similar computer memory write/read errors. Hence, after checking your internal hard disk and installed software, you can go check whether your computer is virus-infected.

Solution3: Go scan your computer with antivirus software thoroughly.
Open your installed computer antivirus software or download another effective one to deeply scan your computer files, folders and partitions. And then, check the scanning results timely and remove all possible threats.
Please Note: In case of software conflicts, when you do plan to use new antivirus software, remember to uninstall and delete the original one completely at first.

Reasons4: Overheated Computer Issues

The overheated computer hard disk also can bring people memory write/read failure problems. Hence, always keeping your computer and inner attached hard disk cool is often necessary to keep the computer functional use.

Solution4: Go cool your computer and inner used hard disk.
No matter why your computer becomes overheated, here are steps for you to cool it up:
Step1. Check the computer heat fans and see whether it works functionally there.
Step2. Buy another new heat dissipation device to cool this computer and internal hard disk up quickly.
Step3. Clean the computer components carefully in case that the dust will affect the common heat dissipation.
Please Note: Download computer managing software to keep an eye on the PC temperature, if it is possible.

Go Ask Experts for Help

Of course, such computer memory write/read failure problems also could happen due to much more complicated reasons. If you really cannot fix them by yourself, also do not forget there are still some experts who can help repair such computer problems.

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