Computer Makes Strange Noises

My Computer Is Making Strange Noises While Surfing the Internet?

Just suddenly hear product ad noises even when you do have not opened any websites or else programs? Merely hear music comes from your computer after you open several websites? Or computer is strangely making noises while you are using your PC for some purposes? OK! Generally, a computer could become noisy due to different reasons, including virus-software attacking, computer hard disk issues and computer fan problems, etc. And the way to silence your noisy computer also could be different according to your own conditions and situations. But, also do not worry. Here, some gathered common causes and related solutions can be your chances to stop that computer noises with ease. Hence, go read this article carefully:

Why Does Such Weird Sounds Come from Computer?

Hello, friends! The computer can make weird noises due to a variety of reasons and also requires different methods to stop such strange sounds. But, also no panic! Even without having any idea about such computer problems, you can go check the below major causes to see why your computer makes noises:

1). Computer is infected with some ad-wares or ad programs.
Generally, computer would pops out different ad Windows that often covers entire computer screen and plays different videos or songs at any time when your computer is infected with some ad-wares or ad programs which are especially created to spread some product advertisements from one computer to another and often could be implanted to your PC after downloading some online software, games, programs and files.    

2). Computer website or programs do have been equipped with some sound promotion ads. 
In these days, in order to promote different products, many websites or programs are created with some product videos, audios or more. Your heard sounds could come from these built-in promotion ads.

3). Computer website automatically plays its background music after being opened.
In some cases, to attract more customers or reads online, many online websites are designed with background songs. Once you visit these sites, the set songs will be automatically opened. Unless you pause or close the background music, they will play them again and again.

4). Computer fans are blocked by too much dust and produces weird sounds.
Computer also could produce some weird noises when your computer fans are blocked by dust overtime.

5). Computer hardware is damaged.
The computer noises also could come from some damaged hardware, especially your computer hard disk. Go test it and see whether it is still in good state.

How to Stop Computer Noises?

Just have heard some sharp or noisy sounds while booting PC, browsing online websites or using some files or programs? Want to stop the computer noises on your own? OK! That is not a hard task as long as you find the right reasons behind.
Here are some suggestions for you to silence your computer:

1). Find and kill all viruses, spy-ware, ad-ware or the likes.
No matter which type of dangerous viruses has attached your computer, they can affect the common performance of your PC and let produce some weird sounds without warning. Therefore, download and install effective antivirus software on your PC and perform deep antivirus scanning there to kill all troublesome viruses, spy-ware, ad-ware or the likes.
Hope you do have prepared computer data backups elsewhere in advance. If not, also do not worry. After erasing some files and folders, some professional data recovery software or services could help perform deleted file recovery processes there.

2). Close website background music or turn off the ad promotion functions of your installed software.
Also check the visiting websites and go see whether there is some background songs played. And then, merely close or stop them there. Of course, as to some websites or programs with sound promotion ads, merely go check its setting options and turn off that function.

3). Clean your computer fans and components completely.
In case that these weird machine sounds are created by dusty fans and related computer components, merely clean them all up. What you are supposed to do now is to save important computer data to another storage device and go turn off your PC to clean them all one by one.
Please Note: Forget to make computer data backups before shutting computers? And computer gives RAW file system hard drive error messages to stop your data access? Or Windows says computer hard disk needs to be formatted without rescuing anything left at first? No worry! Go try computer hard disk file recovery software to recover lost computer data.

4). Repair or change computer hard disk.
Honestly, when computer internal hard disk gets bad sectors, physical damages or some logical damages, like clicking sounds, ticking sounds or more, computer also could make abnormal sounds. Hence, you’d better test this computer with CKDISK to see whether it is still in good state. If it is really healthy, go on trying other ways. If not, go diagnose hard disk problems with special hard disk software. But, if this hard disk is completely irrecoverable, also replace it with a better hard drive.
Please Note:
*If you do have decided to format your computer internal hard disk to remove some basic hard disk error problems, remember to extract everything useful to another storage device.
* If you do format your PC without rescuing anything out at first, also stop saving new data on this hard disk and go recover formatted hard disk with data recovery tools.

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