Computer Invalid System Disk Error Fix

Computer Gives "Invalid System Disk" Error Message after PC Boot or Setup Reboot?

"In order to use my Windows 7 PC for some job file editing, I boot my computer and go to my bedroom. And then, when I come back and find my Windows gives this error message saying: 'Invalid system disk, replace the disk and then press any key'. Do I have to change another hard disk to instead the original one? I do have reserved a lot of PC data inside this original one and don’t want to copy it all to the new one, especially the inner stored OS files and folders. It is really troublesome and time-consuming. What can I do to resolve this computer invalid system disk error problem? Any help or advice would be highly appreciated!"

Hey, friends! Do not worry! People get such "Invalid system disk" or "Invalid system disk, replace the disk and then press any key" error messages after computer boot or setup reboot and often indicate that the computer finds no valid boot hard disk or the found boot hard disk gets no effective operating system to boot PC normally. That’s also why such computer error issues often occur to people when they get ineffective computer boot hard disk or partition. Just keep reading this article to know more related causes and solutions to fix your PC invalid system disk error problems with ease.

What Makes Your PC Get Such Invalid System Disk Error Problems?

OK! Make sure you do have no farther computer hard disk data transformation or overwriting on your computer boot hard disk and go read the possible reasons behind your invalid system disk error issues. Here are three main ones for you:

1). Computer does have an effective boot disk which has not been set as the first boot item.
In order to boot or reboot normally, the computer often needs to find the right boot hard disk and read the inner loading operating system smoothly. However, once your bootable internal hard disk is not set as the first boot item in BIOS interface, your computer will automatically find the boot storage device incorrectly and also read no needed operating system there at last. And then, as result, you will certainly receive this invalid system disk error message. Therefore, go check the bootable device list in BIOS interface at first.

2). Computer boot disk or partition cannot work properly.  
Except that when you set the wrong storage device as the first boot item, such computer invalid system disk error issue also happens while your computer bootable hard disk or inner partition works improperly. Here are several possible causes that can make your bootable disk or partition unworkable:
* Computer boot hard disk has not been partitioned correctly.
Probably get a fake disk partition tool and divide your operating system partition incorrectly or leave no enough free space to hold your partition main drive during partitioning your disk? OK! In such cases, when your PC cannot read the inner installed operating system smoothly, you do get high chances to be stuck in such invalid system disk error issues.
* Computer boot hard disk is corrupted unexpectedly.
When your computer boot hard disk is corrupted unexpectedly and cannot be read on any PC or machine, you also can certainly be troubled by such computer invalid system disk problems.
*Computer partition with operating system loading is deleted or lost mistakenly.
Though your computer main partition, which holds PC operating system files and folders, is partitioned perfectly, you also are able to get the related invalid system disk error troubles when you do delete or lost it mistakenly or accidentally. Therefore, always check the data or partition before any delete, format or data erasing in the future.
* Computer OS partition shows abnormally in Disk Management
Your computer OS partition also is able to be unworkable because this partition shows abnormally in Disk Management. For example, when the main partition is partitioned well, but, is not assigned with a drive letter, it is really possible for you to receive similar invalid system disk error messages during booting or rebooting. Of course, in some cases, when your system partition is showed as not initialized or RAW file system in Disk Management, such computer problems also can come to you. Hence, go check your boot hard disk partition state in Disk Management.
* Computer OS, which stores on boot disk, is damaged somehow.
Of course, to let the PC boot or reboot successfully, the workable computer operating system is also needed. Once this OS is damaged seriously for long time use or your careless operations, you also can be troubled by such computer issues.

3). Computer cannot boot from unbootable external hard disk, flash drive, CD or DVD.
Have connected an external hard disk, flash drive, CD or DVD and wonder to boot your PC from this connected external hard disk? However, computer gives the invalid system disk error message and asks you to replace this device? OK! Have firstly install operating system on this plunged external storage device? Without operating system installed, these storage devices are only ordinary device that can help hold different types of file stuffs and cannot help boot your PC.
Hope you can find your causes from these listed ones.

How to Fix Computer Invalid System Disk Error Issues?

Under such invalid system disk error problem situations, people often can use different methods to fix everything according to different causes and conditions. Without knowing your actual conditions, you can easily use the below ways to take chances:

1). Set your boot hard disk as the first bootable device.
Make sure your computer invalid system disk trouble is caused by setting wrong first boot item? OK! If so, it is pretty easy to restore your PC performance. What you are supposed to do is only to set your bootable hard disk as the first bootable storage device as below:
Step1: Open your computer and press "Esc"button on the left up corner of your keyboard.
Step2: Highlight "Advanced BIOS Features" option when the needed "BIOS Setup Utility" interface is opened.
Step3: Choose "Hard Disk Boot Priority" and move your bootable hard disk in the first place.
Step4: Press "Esc"button to the original main screen and reboot your PC.

Please Note:
*Therefore are many hotkeys that can help open the BIOS Setup Utility, like F1, F2, F10, F12 and Ctrl+ Alt + Esc, etc. Therefore, if one keyboard button cannot work, you can go try another one.
*When the BIOS Setup Utility interface is opened, you are not able to use the computer mouse. You’d better learn to use the keyboard buttons to finish the setting process carefully.

2). Restore your boot hard disk or partition and make it work effectively again.
Find this computer issues are caused by unworkable boot hard disk or partition? OK! Merely restore its common performance and make it workable again, including:
* Partition or repartition your boot hard disk rightly.
Computer boot hard disk seems not to be partitioned or repartitioned well? All right! Go download effective and reliable disk partition software to divide your hard disk partitions correctly this time. If you still have no idea of selecting proper related software, go read and check more related threads and articles to take as references.
* Check your PC internal hard disk and see whether it is necessary to buy a new one.
Merely run CHKDSK or other hard disk diagnosing software, like SeaTool, to scan your attached internal hard disk and see whether it is still useful. If not, merely go buy another new one for latter use.
* Download and reinstall boot hard disk operating system.
When the operating system stored on your boot hard disk is damaged somehow, the only way for you now is to download and reinstall the OS there to make your hard disk bootable again.

Please Note:
Remember to download the operating system from safe sites in case of virus infection issues.
Back up your hard disk data on other drives or devices before any OS installation.
*Assign OS partition a drive letter and format it to activate it
In some cases, since the OS partition cannot be automatically activated, the related invalid system disk error problems also can happen to you. Therefore, go check the partition state in Disk Management and assign a letter for it there. And then, also format it there to activate it manually.
Overall, just try to make your boot hard disk workable again according to your found causes correspondingly.

3). Boot your PC from bootable external hard disk, flash drive, CD or DVD
Firstly, download and install OS to your external hard disk, pen drive, CD or DVD to make it bootable on any PC or machine. And then, plunge it to your PC and set it as the first boot item in BIOS interface. And then, you can easily boot your PC from this external storage device when it is necessary.

More Helpful Information:

1). Create computer data backups elsewhere before any action.
Since you are possible to fix this computer invalid system disk error problems by re-installing OS, formatting OS hard disk or partition and changing new hard disk for the old one, in case of losing important PC data, creating computer data backups stored on other drives or locations is supposed to be done before any error fixing action.

2). Recover computer hard disk data with data recovery software.
Don’t recall that you should prepare PC data backups and lose your hard disk data after taking some measures to fix this computer error problem? All right! The data loss situations may not be as bad as you think. Merely download formatted hard disk data recovery software or deleted hard disk file recovery software to see whether your desired data is still recoverable or not.

3). Extract or connect your internal hard disk after shutting down your PC.
In case of damaging your PC hard disk unexpectedly, it is necessary to extract or plug your internal hard disk after you shut down your PC with care.

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