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Computer Invalid Media Type Reading Drive C Error Problem Fix

Need Help to Remove Invalid Media Type Reading Drive C Error Message?

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Situation1: Hello, two days ago, I have tried to update my computer operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7. By following the step-by-step tutorial about how to install Windows 7 on your PC, I do have installed the new Windows 7 OS well on my PC. However, latter, when trying to reboot this PC after completing that OS installing processes, I just got this error message reporting:"Invalid media type reading drive C". I am surely my computer internal hard disk is properly installed well there since it works well there when using Windows XP OS there. Why my computer gets that error message? What can I do now to remove the Invalid media type reading drive C error problems? 

Situation2: Hi! Recently, I just cannot start my computer when reinstalling my Windows OS after sudden OS crash. So, when using the Windows XP to restart the PC, the CHKDSK says: "Invalid media type reading drive C". I really don’t know what’s going on there. What am I supposed to do now? Hello, friends! The first thing right now you are supposed to do is to recall whether you’ve formatted your computer C drive into a compatible file system type before you turn off the PC and begin to reboot it after reinstating or installing your computer OS. If you do not, go do it right now.   

Why You Get Such Computer Invalid Media Type Reading Error?

In daily use, such Invalid media type reading drive C error problems often happens when your computer C partition gets an invalid file system type and makes your entire C drive unrecognizable. Why your computer C partition becomes invalid? Here are possible two situations:

1). Forget to format your C drive into a valid file system type.
Have you checked the file system type of this C drive in Disk Management before you reboot your PC? Are you sure the file type of your C partition is workable under newly installed or reinstalled OS? If not, your C drive must be detected with an invalid file system and cannot be smoothly read. So, go format your hard disk into a functional file system type, like FAT32 or NTFS, etc.

Please Note: The Windows OS often does read the NTFS or FAT32 file system type. But, not all the different versions read both of them, go check your own conditions and make sure you format your C partition into a right file system type. 

2). Format Your C drive into an incompatible file system type mistakenly
Have formatted your C drive into an incompatible file system types mistakenly after installing or reinstalling your PC? OK! This also can bring you related invalid media type error issues. Merely go check which type of file systems are recognizable on your PC and convert your c drive into that readable one.
Overall, what you are supposed to now is to change the file system of your C drive from the original one to a compatible one.

Convert the File System Type of Your PC C Drive into a Valid One by Format

No matter which type of file systems your C drive has been detected as, go format it into a valid one. Do you know which types of file systems are recognizable on your PC? If not, go open your internet and enter your computer type and see how many file system types are workable there. And then, merely go format your PC into one of them. At last, restart your PC and see whether you would get the same Invalid media type reading drive C error message. Generally, as long as you perform the formatting processes correctly and choose the right file system type, you always can easily remove that terrible error message.

Different Ways to Format Your C Partition

No matter which type of computer operating systems you are using on your PC, the first thing you are supposed to do now is to format this C drive. But, do you know how to format your C partition rightly and safely? If not, here are several ways for you to have a good try:

1). Perform the formatting process in My Computer interface.
Merely open your My Computer window and right click your C partition to highlight format option on the popped out list. And then, change the partition file system type to start the formatting process there. And, at last, wait till the formatting process is over.

2). Run the formatting process in Disk Management.
Merely right click My Computer to choose Manage option and click Disk Management. And then, right click your C partition to format it there.

3). Apply effective hard drive or partition format tool online.
Also go open your internet and apply professional hard disk or partition format tool to take chances. With such format tools, you always can freely choose the desired partition file system and also wipe the partition information completely. Of course, different tools may be designed with different features. Always carefully check the different functions of your selected software before you really apply them on your C drive.

Back Up All Important Computer Data before Format

Have you stored some precious files, videos, games or applications on this C partition? Have you saved any extra copy on other external drives, flash drives or network storage? If not, do not immediately format this C partition. In case of losing everything left on this C partition, you are supposed to back up all important PC data on another storage device before any format. What you are supposed to do is only copy everything wanted and pastes it all to a reliable USB hard disk, flash drive or online storage. Of course, if you do have installed backup software on your PC, you also can easily run your backup software to prepare data backups well in advance.

Please Note: If you forget to create computer C drive data backups elsewhere, also do not panic! After format, you can directly scan this C partition with formatted partition data recovery software and recover original data back with ease.

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