Computer File Not Found Error

Cannot Find Computer Files?

Hey, have got a "file not found" error when you try to view or search for some wanted files on your computer? Have no idea about why this error pops out? Really want to know whether there is a way for you to access or use these desired files? OK! No worry! No matter how and why you receive this file not found error message, you do come to the right place. Immediately go read this article and learn what you can do to this computer error problem.

Possible Computer File Not Found Error Situations:

Generally, people often will get this file not found error message when they are stuck in two situations. What is yours?

Situation 1: This error message pops out when you try to search some needed files or folders on your computer.
In daily use, people sometimes will desperately want to use some files/folders, but also forget where they have been stored or what their exact names are. And then, in this moment, people often will open the computer Windows Search tool and hope the possible key words can help find them out. However, sometimes, since they do have entered some wrong key words, they also can get the same file not found error problems.

Situation 2: This error message comes out when you double click Windows documents or the like files.
Generally, in some cases, when people double click the Windows documents or the like files, including some Word files, Excel files, PPT files, PDF, and more, people also can receive such "…file could not be found…" error message.

Why Your Computer Shows "File Not Found" Error?

Of course, like other computer problems, this file no found error also happens due to some reasons. Have you figure out what yours is? If not, also check whether the below ones can help you out:
1).The needed files/folders are hidden somehow.
When your wanted documents, photos, videos, songs, programs and games are hidden somehow, no matter whether your searched key words are right or not, you often will absolutely find no wanted files. So, in such cases, always show up all hidden files and folders at first.
2). The Windows file searching tool is unworkable.
When you do have forget the exact key information of your wanted files and folders, like the names, locations and saving time, etc, the Windows built-in file searching tool always helps a lot. However, if the searching tool also becomes unworkable, you also will get the same found no file error messages again and again.
3).The wanted files/folders are renamed, moved or deleted.
In most cases, such computer file not found error problems often happens when the desired files/folders are reamed, moved or deleted.
No matter which one of them are familiar with you, go find the solution correspondingly.

How to Resolve This File Not Found Error Problem?

Can not help finding practical solutions to fix this computer file not found error and use your really needed files/folders? OK! Go follow the bellow methods to take chances:
1). Enter more related key words to search out the wanted files and folders.
There is no satisfying result found when you do enter the possible key words to search your urgently needed files and folders? OK! Do not give up. Enter all possible key words, like the possible names, locations, file properties and the likes, and check whether they can be found out.
2). Show all hidden files and folders.
Are you sure all your computer files and folders are shown up? If not, go show up the hidden ones and then, go search again to see whether you can find wanted files and folders out. Do you know how to unhide desired files and folders? If not, go follow this: Start => Run => Type in “control folders” and press “OK” =>Click “View” and hook “Show hidden files and folders”=> Press “OK”
3). Reinstall Windows file searching tool or Download professional file searching software
But, if you doubt that the Windows file searching tool is damaged or corrupted somehow, you’d better uninstall it and go try again. Of course, if you have no full confidence in the Windows tool, you also can apply some professional file/folder searching software online which is especially designed to help people easily find wanted data through simple key words or else elements. Always select the proper data recovery software according to your own conditions.
4). Data recovery software to scan computer hard disk to recover deleted or removed files
Finally have recalled that your desired files and folders are removed or deleted off from this Windows computer drive completely? OK! As long as you do have not rewritten this computer hard disk where these deleted files locate before, the related deleted file recovery software also can help you somehow. With efficient deleted hard disk data recovery software, it is not impossible to recover deleted files from hard disk.


No matter how and why you get this computer file not found error message, hope you can follow the listed methods to see whether these wanted files and folders are able to be found back with success.

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