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Receive "The device is not ready" Error Message on Your Windows PC?

When trying to read your newly connected flash drive, external hard disk, mobile phone, digital camera or the like devices and access data inside on your Windows PC as usual, you just are not allowed to access anything inside since there is an error message pops out and says: "The device is not ready…" ? OK! Do not rush to panic! This device not ready error message often happens when your computer detect no storage device or bad storage device. And what you can do to this problem is simple. Go read this article and see whether your device is still workable. 

Why You Will Get This Device Not Ready Error Message?

This device not ready error message often pops out due to some hardware problems. Go check them and see whether you can figure out some useful clues:
1). Digital device is not connected well to your computer
This device error message also often occurs when your device is not connected well to your computer. For example, when your digital devices are loosely connected to your PC, you often will receive this error message pop-out. When the computer USB port that your plunged digital devices use is damaged, you also are able to get the same error. 
2). Digital device is damaged
In daily use, not only the corrupted computer USB ports can bring people this device not ready problem and the damaged digital device that has already been damaged somehow also can.
3). Device is incompatible with your computer
Of course, your computer also cannot recognize your inserted digital devices and gives you this error message when your digital devices are not compatible with your computer.
Hope this device not ready error is not caused by a damaged digital device. Only in this way, you do have chances to re-access your plunged flash drive, external hard disk, digital camera and access inner photos, files, videos and more. 

How to Resolve This Device Not Ready Problem?

Find any clue from these possible causes listed above? Also still have no idea? OK! No matter whether you’ve tracked down the right reason, here are some possible steps for you to resolve this device not ready problem:

Step1. Disconnect this digital device and insert it with another USB cable or ports.
In order to verify whether this device problem is caused by loose connections or damaged computer USB ports, you are supposed to do something as below:
1): Firstly, disconnect this digital device and insert it to your PC through the same USB ports.
In this way, you can check whether you’ve get a loose connection. If this device can be accessed well, you can surely figure out that neither of your inserted device and the related USB port is damaged. But, if the device cannot be accessed and also give the same error message, you can go on checking it then.
2). Secondly, go plunge this digital device through another computer USB port.
If this device can be recognized well after changing another USB port, it is absolutely caused by the damaged USB port. Never use the original one again. But, if changing another USB port also makes no difference, you’d better go exclude the next guesses.

Step2. Go Try to read this device on another computer.
And right now, disconnect this digital device and plunge it to another computer, especially the computer that often reads this device functionally, to see whether it is caused by computer problems, not the deice issues. Is this drive recognized well on this different computer? If it also reports the device is not ready, you’d better go try the next step. But, if you luckily can access it well on this computer, you’d better check your computer carefully and remove all potential problems as soon as possible.

Step3. Go check how this device shows in Disk Management.
Have got the same device not ready message on another computer? OK! Do not rush to unplug it. Go open Disk Management interface and see how it is displayed here there. Is it shown as being not initialized or unallocated there? If so, your connected digital devices seem to be incompatible here. If there is nothing important stored inside, you can directly format this external hard disk, camera, hard disk or the likes to see whether it can be read functionally there.
But, if you do have left much important data there, do not format it easily. Please remember to recover your device data back with data recovery software before any format.

Step4. Directly connect device memory card another card reader or USB cable to take chances.
Hey, are you connecting your mobile phone, digital camera, digital camcorder or related digital device to your computer and want to access the data stored on the attached memory card? All right! In such cases, you can go try to plunge this digital device with another USB cable to take chances. If the different USB cable cannot change the situation, your device may be damaged somehow. Go extract the inner memory card out and try to read the memory card on your PC through a memory card Reader or adapter instead.

Step5.Change another new digital device
If all these steps mentioned above have been tried and also change nothing, your plunged digital devices are probably damaged seriously. Learn a lesson to make device data backups and straightly change another new device for your latter use. Remember to choose a new digital device, like hard disk, external hard disk, flash drive or memory card with better quality and durability.

Pay Attentions:

1. No matter what happens, the important device data should be backed up firstly all the time.

From now on, no matter whether you’ve really encountered similar device not ready error, always back up important device data on different storage devices or locations well to avoid any unexpected data loss troubles. If it is possible, also upload one or two copy of everything important to the online storage with password protection.

2. Format the not initialed or unallocated device after backing everything up well.

If you do find this not ready device is really displayed as not initialized or unallocated in Disk Management of your PC, do not rush to format. Firstly verify whether this device has hold some valuable files, films, songs, mails and more in case of data loss problems. If there is something important left there, go download data recovery software to recover lost device data before format. If there is nothing wanted reserved there, go format this device immediately.
Of course, if you unexpectedly format this unallocated device, also use best data recovery software to rescue data from this formatted storage device.

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