Computer Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Error

What Is the Computer Cyclic Redundancy Check Data Error?

The common computer Cyclic Redundancy Check often is automatically used to detect errors in your computer data transformation. So, in this aspect, it is good. However, in daily use, when people are trying to copy or paste data from one drive to another, between drives and computers or from one drive to another storage device, the CRC may get problems sometimes and cannot be finished till it makes your computer freeze or crash finally and give you a error message saying: 'File XXXXX could not be accessed…Data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)…'' This is the computer CRC data error.

If you do have been stuck in such computer CRC error problems, go check the possible reasons and follow solutions to resolve it off from your PC or storage device.

Possible Reasons behind Computer CRC Data Error Problems

Don’t understand why your computer gets such CRC data error problem yet? OK! Here are some helpful main reasons behind related computer CRC error issues for you:

1).The transferred files and folders are incomplete or corrupted somehow.
As we’ve read above, the CRC are used to check the possible errors of your data transformation. And when your original files and folders are already damaged or incomplete somehow, the CRC also often cannot be successfully complete. That’s why you are troubled by such PC CRC data error problems. Hence, check your original data well before data transformation.

2). Storage devices have problems, like bad sectors.
The corrupted storage device, like external hard disk with bad sectors or related physical damages, also can bring people such computer data error problems. Why? When your hard disk or external drive is damaged or corrupted, the data transformation also could be negatively affected and finally put a bad impact on the CRC. And then, at last, you will have to worry about the computer CRC error problems.

3).The storage device is not rightly connected due to some reasons, like damaged USB cable.
Of course, in some cases, such computer CRC data error issues also are able to be caused by incorrect device connection. When your desired storage device is not rightly connected there, your desired data can not be read and copied/pasted/transferred rightly. Hence, unplug your storage device or change another USB cable to see whether it is connected correctly.

4). Virus attacks
The possible viruses which hide on your storage device or computer can not only damage the selected files and folders that needs to be transferred, and also can corrupt the PC hardware to make it impossible to complete the CRC check successfully. Therefore, in this way, the virus also can be one of the potential reasons why you encounter this computer CRC data error issues.
Of course, there are also other related causes, like PC operating system issues, computer Hardware issues (including CD and DVD problems), sudden computer power loss or crash, etc. You’d better recall your actual situations and see what yours is. 

Common Solutions to Resolve PC CRC Error Problems

When it comes to similar computer CRC data error problems, there are often several methods that can help people resolve such troublesome problems. Hope the below ones also can help you fix related problems and also let you smoothly complete your data transformation.

1). Run CHKDSK to test and fix the possible computer hard disk problems.
In most cases, when people receive such CRC data error messages, they are often asked to create computer hard disk data backups elsewhere and also run CHKDSK test on their computer internal hard disk to see whether the possible hard disk problems could be fixed. If the internal hard disk with potential problems is really repaired by this computer error-checking tool, you often will also not receive the same data error CRC warning message again when you are trying to transfer your desired data again. Hence, also go check your computer hard disk step by step:
Step1. Back up all important computer hard disk on another computer.
Step2. Right click your hard disk in My Computer to open Properties interface and open Tools tab to find Check Now button.
Step3. Click that button and mark the listed two options, including: "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors".
Step4. Wait patiently till the entire process is over.
Please Note: The larger your selected internal hard disk is, the longer time the CHKDSK will take. Therefore, always be patient with the through scanning.

2). Format your computer hard disk to fix possible errors.
To fix the possible PC hard disk problems or related errors, except using CHKDSK, in some cases, the straight formatting process often could be more effective. Hence, go try to perform a quick format on this computer hard disk and see whether it is helpful.
Please Note: No matter what happens, the reserved hard disk data always one of the most important points. Always extract the valuable hard disk data out before format.

3). Repair your selected files and folders that need to be transferred.
The incomplete or corrupted original files and folders also can be one of the reasons that can bring you CRC errors. Therefore, if it is possible, you can go try to repair these selected files and folders with your ways or some professional software. But, this way is often not so promising.

4). Remove Viruses completely.
In case that some vicious viruses would damage your hard disk data, the internal hard disk or even computer operating system and bring a series of troublesome issues, also timely remove the possible viruses off from your computer and storage device. Just as you often do, open your antivirus software to scan all possible threats out and delete or separate them as you are suggested.
Please Note: If you lose faith in the installed antivirus software, remember to choose and download another one by considering many elements, including the cost, the users’ comments, the features, the compatibility and the possible conflict conditions, etc. 

5). Download and use professional CRC fixing software online.
Of course, if you unfortunately still cannot resolve this computer error problem even after you have tried nearly all found solutions, also do not panic!  There are also some professional CRC fixing tools that can help you find the possible causes and offer practical solutions. And, one of the annoying shortcomings is that it may be really expensive somehow.
Overall, such computer CRC data error problems often can be fixed with right solutions. But, if you also do have no idea to overcome this, also consult professional PC repairing agencies or shops.

Read More Related Information:

* This computer error occurs to people not only during data copying or pasting.
This computer CRC data error problems does not happens only when you trying to copy, paste or transfer hard disk or computer data. In fact, it often happens to people when you do some things that can involve any data transformation, like hard disk partitioning or re-partitioning, hard disk formatting, downloaded computer data viewing, etc. In this way, it could be really annoying sometime, right?

* Back up entire computer or hard disk data on other drives or locations before removing this PC CRC error issues.
As you’ve read above, to resolve this PC CRC error problem, you are really possible to format or test your internal hard disk, which can increase the chances of losing everything important inside and make it difficult to retrieve. Hence, always back up entire computer data to another drive or location well before you take any measure to fix this CRC error issue.

* Retrieve data with hard disk data recovery software after experiencing computer CRC data error problems.
Important computer hard disk data is lost after this computer CRC error problem or valuable PC hard disk files are deleted or lost after format unwontedly? OK! After fixing this CRC data error issue, if you don’t want to end up with losing much important data, stop using this hard disk and use hard disk data recovery utility to retrieve your lost hard disk data easily.

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