Computer Cannot Find Hard Disk Boot Record

Windows Computer Cannot Find Hard Disk or Boot Hard Disk MBR?

"Hello, yesterday, I had installed a Windows 7 OS on my Samsung computer and also replaced my attached old WD internal hard disk with a new Seagate one. However, after changing that old hard disk, the computer just said it could not find boot hard disk record MBR and would not boot up. What does that boot hard disk MBR indicate? How about hard disk GPT searched online means? What can I do now to reboot PC smoothly? Thanks for any suggestion here!"

Hello, have you partitioned that newly replaced Seagate internal hard disk well after removing the old ones? Have you install the new Window 7 version well on this new Seagate hard disk? What type record your new Seagate hard disk is, MBR type or GPT type? OK! If you really don't know or even not understand what these questions are talking about, do not worry. Read this article to learn more and see what you can do to boot up your computer as before.

What the Computer Hard Disk Boot Record Is?

Computer hard disk boot record often talks about the standard hard disk partition table which can decide on how many partitions you can divide a specific hard disk into, how the computer hard disk will read or store the stored or coming data and how the computer will read the loading OS and boot up, etc. And, in these days, there are often two types of boot hard disks, the MBR hard disks (also called as "Master Boot Record" hard drives) and GPT hard disks (also called as "GUID Partition Table" hard drives).

What Are the Differences between the MBR Hard Disks and the GPT Hard Disks?

There are many differences between the MBR hard disks and the GPT hard disks, like:

1). Popularity
On the outside hard disk markets, the hard disk with MBR partition table format often are much more popular than the ones with GPT partition table format since the MBR hard disks has been created and developed for a much longer time than the GPT hard disks.

2). Different partition numbers.
With a MBR hard disk, you are often allowed to divide it into four primary partitions. If you want to have more ones, you are supposed to select one of these four primary partitions as an extended partition. And then, divide this extended partition into much smaller logical partitions. However, if you do have owned a GPT hard disk, there is often no limitation about how many volumes you can divide your hard disk into in theory.   

3). Different computer Platform
Since the hard disks with GPT partition table format have been designed and developed only for several years, the related technology is not as mature as the hard disks with MBR partition table format. That’s also why the MBR hard disks often can be used under nearly all types of Windows operating systems. While the GPT hard disks often can often work well under Windows 8 or upper Windows OS versions, Window Vista and more advanced OS versions. Overall, they do have different computer platforms.  

4). Different Maximum Hard Disk Capacity
Generally, the MBR partition table format often can be used on a hard disk that is up to 2TB in size. However, if you want to use a hard disk with more than 2TB, you’d better choose a hard disk with GPT partition table format, not the MBR partition table format in case of farther troubles.
Overall, they are really different and also requires different computer configuration. People are supposed to choose one from the according to different conditions.

Why Your Computer Cannot Find Hard Disk Record Right Now?

Want to why your computer gives that error message saying: "cannot find boot hard disk record"? OK! Here are several reasons that could be your reasons:
1). Computer Hard Disk Is Not Partitioned Correctly.
After replacing your old WD internal hard disk with a new Seagate hard disk, have you partitioned it well? Or have you partitioned this new hard disk correctly? If not, the computer also could not boot up smoothly since it do find no right bootable operating system. 
2). Computer Hard Disk Is Not Been Set as First Boot Device.
Have you also set the new Windows 7 OS on the system partitions of your newly installed Seagate hard disk latter? Or have you set this newly attached hard disk as the first boot device before rebooting? If not, go reset your boot device order.
3). Computer Hard Disk MBR Is Damaged Somehow.
Of course, in your case, your computer problem is much more possible to be caused by damaged or corrupted hard disk MBR that can guide computer to find and read PC booting information.

How to Remove "Computer Cannot Find Boot Hard Disk Record" Problem& Boot up Your PC successfully?

Though you do have no idea about such "Computer Cannot Find Boot Hard Disk Record" Problems and you also wonder to remove the related computer issues to let your PC reboot smoothly? OK! That's not impossible. Here are methods for you to take chances:

1). Partition or Repartition Your New Computer Internal Hard Disk Rightly.

The improperly partitioned or repartitioned computer internal hard disk could be the reason why you receive similar "Computer Cannot Find Boot Hard Disk Record" Problems. Hence, go partition or repartition your newly attached internal hard disk again. If you do not know much about computer hard drive partitioning or repartitioning, you can download some free disk partitioning/repartitioning software to have a good try.

Please Note:

*No matter why you have to partition or repartition this hard disk, as long as you do have saved important data on the same drive, always move it all to another computer in case of data loss troubles.
* Of course, if you do have formatted computer hard disk partitions without extracting partition data after hard disk partitioning or repartitioning processes, go recover files from hard disk partitioned or repartitioned with format recovery software.
2). Change computer boot sequence in BIOS Windows.
If you really have not reset the computer boot sequence in BIOS Windows after changing your computer internal hard disk, you are supposed to firstly open your BIOS interface and set the newly installed Seagate hard disk as the first computer boot device.
Of course, this only happens when you do have also installed your OS on this internal hard disk, too. If not, you can go reset the hard disk with OS loading as the boot device.
3). Restore computer boot hard disk record with professional disk MBR recovery software.
You are sure your computer problems are caused by damaged hard disk MBR partition table format? If so, what you are supposed to do now is to download professional MBR recovery software to see whether your hard disk still be functionally used to boot your PC.

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