Computer Cannot Boot

Your PC Cannot Boot as Usual?

Want to open computer and use it to complete some urgent task, but, only find it cannot start normally? Really need to fix this computer issues and also recover reserved valuable computer data? OK! No panic! Generally, such no-booting computer issues are often able to be aroused by many distinct reasons and different reasons also bring people different computer symptoms. Therefore, in this moment, the first thing you are supposed to do is to figure out the specific reason through your actual computer symptoms and then, go fix this PC issues correspondingly. Of course, with enough free energy and time, also take the effective measures to avoid such compute problems in the future.

The Common Symptoms of Computers That Won’t Start Normally

How does your computer show when you think your computer just cannot turn on?
1). Computer won’t power up on at all
2). Computer powers on but nothing happens 
3). computer powers on & reports no bootable devices
3). Computer Window freezes or crashes during booting
4). Computer gets blue screen
5). Computer gets black screen

The Common Reasons behind Computer Not Booting Problems

Here is the introduction about the common reasons behind this computer not booting issue in details. Hope you will find yours:
1). No power
As an electronic device, the computer often need power supply to support the common use. However, in daily use, when your computer power cable is damaged or loose, or your computer battery is completely out of power somehow, you often will also not be able to boot this computer as before and find it completely won’t powered on at all.
2). Broken graphics card
Open your computer as usual, find the computer is surely powered on, but, the computer screen is still black and shows nothing as before? Or computer just powered on, but, nothing happens? OK! When your computer really responses like that, you’d better check the state of your installed graphic card and see whether it is unfortunately broken or damaged. Of course, if you are using a desktop computer, such issues also happen to you when the computer monitor is not connected well.
3). Computer hardware issue
When your computer hardware, like some internal/external hard drive, USB flash drive or other devices, is damaged or connected loosely, your computer is also not able to boot up properly. For example, when your computer internal hard drive, which has been selected as the bootable device, is completely failed and even cannot be detected, the computer often will power on and tells you there is no bootable device. When your computer hard drive gets no enough free space or gets some drive errors, bad sectors and physical damages, your computer Windows often will also freezes or crashes during the booting process. Of course, when you do get a bad hardware, your computer is also able to get a blue screen during the booting process.
4). Computer system gets problems
The computer system problem is also another reason why your computer stops responding, suddenly system crashes or gets blue screen.
5). Other known and unknown reasons.
There are also other known and unknown reasons that can bring people computer not booting problems.

How to Fix a Computer That Won’t Boot Up Properly

Have you understood why your computer cannot start properly after reading the common symptoms and reasons carefully? If not, also do not blame yourself. The related computer problems can be really complicated since they are able to be aroused by many causes, not only one. Simply follow the below solutions and see whether your computer not booting issue can be fixed.
1). Check the computer power supply
Since this computer problem is able to be caused by no power, when you do find your computer is really not even powered up yet after you click the power button, immediately check the computer power supply carefully. Firstly, check the computer power cables well. And then, check all the connection state of all possible computer components, like the computer monitor, computer mainframe, computer hard drives and more. And, at last, check the power state of your computer battery.
2). Remove all unessential hardware and try it again.
Since this computer issue is also able to be aroused by damaged computer hardware, you’d better firstly remove all unessential hardware, like some external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, cameras or camcorders, etc. And then, try to open this computer again.
Please Note: No matter whether this computer is able to be booted properly, always remember to remove your external devices rightly in case of worse situations.
3). Boot computer in safe mode
When your computer gets blue screen or crashes unexpectedly during booting, you’d better turn this computer off and try to boot it in safe mode as below:
Step1. Click the power button of your computer.
Step2. Click the "F8" button of your keyboard repeatedly till the Windows Advanced Options Menu shows on the computer screen.
Step3. Click the "Safe Mode" to go on.
Please Note: If you cannot come to the Windows Advanced Options interface, turn off the computer and try it again.
Of course, if the computer also cannot boot in Safe Mode, you’d better ask some experts to help.
4). Restore computer system when you do back up computer well
Such computer not booting problem also is able to be caused by computer system issues. There, when trying to remove this computer issue, you also can try to fix the computer system issue at first. Here are common methods to fix this computer problems caused by damaged or lost computer system:
* Restore or uninstall computer system when you do have backed up important computer data elsewhere.
* Go try boot computer from external hard drive or flash drive.
* Apply other system to boot this computer when you do have installed two or more types of computer system there.
No matter which way is proper for you, you’d better always remember to check your computer data backups well in case of data loss.
5). Diagnostic computer hardware and storage devices
Really doubt whether this computer issue is aroused by the computer hardware? OK! Take action immediately to see whether your guess is right. Merely open Windows error-checking tool to scan your storage devices and see whether they are still healthy. Of course, if necessary, some device diagnostic software also can help you a lot. If you really find one or two of your computer components or storage devices are seriously damaged, remember to timely change them with new ones.
6). Try to change another graphics card.
As we’ve mentioned above, this computer problem is also possible to be caused by broken graphic card. So, if you are really not sure, simply go try to change another graphic card for this computer and see whether it can boot normally. 
Please Note: Always safely shut down the computer before you removing computer graphic card.
7). Go to computer repairing shops.
NO matter how seriously your computer is damaged, the computer repairing shops always can give you many professional clues to fix it. So, if you really also are not able to turn on your computer after trying the methods all mentioned above, you’d better go these shops and ask some professional helps there.

How to Effectively Prevent Such Computer Not Booting Issues?

Never want to encounter such troublesome computer not booting issues again in the future? OK! You come to the right part. Follow the bellow tips to effectively prevent your computer from similar problems:
1). Delete or damage no known or unknown computer system file
In order to avoid some computer not booting issues caused by computer system problems, always back up the computer system files and also never delete or damage known or unknown computer system files and folders. Always pay much attention to the selected files or folders when you are trying to delete or remove something unnecessary stuffs.
2). Apply no unfamiliar programs in case of various viruses or threats.
In case that any virus or threat will bring you more known or unknown troublesome issues, also always apply no unfamiliar programs, tools or hardware on your computer. Of course, it is also necessary to perform antivirus scanning regularly there.
3). Back up computer system well.
Except deleting or damaging no essential computer system files and folders, in daily use, backing up the computer system files and folders is always more helpful. Why? When your computer really cannot start properly due to damaged or lost computer system files or folders, you can easily restore them back from the system backups.
4). Always learn more computer knowledge to calmly cope with different computer issues.
The computer issues can be as easy as a piece of cake and it also can be as difficult as a hard nut to crack. So, in daily use, you’d better never stop learning the computer knowledge and always keep calm to process different computer problems.

Additional Tips:

* Keep clam to avoid worse situations
No matter what occurs to you, always keep calm and never randomly format, delete or do other operation to computer storage device in case of data loss troubles, always keep calm to back up computer data well on other drives and always keep calm to find the right solutions before it is too late.
* Turn off the computer safely before removing any computer components.
In case of unexpected data loss troubles, always remember to remove the wanted computer components safely, like the graphic cards, computer hard drives or more.
* Data recovery software can help recover data computer drives or devices.
The computer is able to boot properly as before now, but, the used computer drives become really strange and asks you to format or it is completely blank or has unsupported file system now? OK! No matter how you fix your computer not booting issues, as with the computer drive files, videos, pictures and more, you can go try data recovery software which always can help people easily retrieve data from RAW format drive, not formatted drive or logically damaged drive, etc.

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