Computer Blue Screen Memory Management Error Fix

Computer Turns into Blue Screen and Says Memory Management Error?

"Hello, I have a really troublesome problem after I do have upgraded the PC operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 10. While using this Windows 10 computer, it just keeps crashing and turning into blue screen saying memory management error as well as forcing me to reboot. Is there something wrong with my computer memory, like RAM, internal hard drives or partitions? Is it necessary to run CHKDSK to see whether they are still healthy now? What should I do to resolve this blue screen memory management error problem? Thanks in advance!"

Hello, friends! The related Windows memory management blue screen errors often happen to people when there are some system memory malfunction problems and also could be fixed easily. Hence, do not worry and continue reading this article to see how you can remove such memory management error issues on your Windows PC.

Possible Reasons behind Such Windows 10 Memory Management Error Issues

After installing or upgrading computer Windows 10 operating system, many users encounter the similar blue screen memory management error problems and have to restart their computers again and again. And, honestly, no matter why your actual situation is, there are several possible reasons behind such BSOD error problems.

1). Computer memory management problems

As the blue screen error message says, one of the major causes behind could be the computer memory management problem. For example, your computer system memory may be reset or changed during the OS upgrading or installing processes and brings you such blue screen error problems. So, go test the computer RAM and also set your PC system memory back.

2). Computer operating system issues

Are you sure that you do have upgraded or installed the safe and authorized Windows operating system edition? A fake or defective or corrupted computer operating system is also able to cause PC users many related blue screen error problems.
Of course, there are also many other reasons why people get such memory management blue screen error issues. Hope you can get useful clues from above description.

How to Fix Computer Memory Management Blue Screen Error Problems?

Honestly, no matter why you encounter such memory management error problems, here are two major ways to to fix your PC blue screen memory management error issues easily:

Method1: Change the PC Registry Value

Step1. Open computer Run and type in regedit.
Step2. Find Services Msahci or Services IastorV like this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SYSTEM => Current Control Set
Step3. Click Start option on the right side.
Step4. Enter 0 in the value blank and click OK.
And, then, restart your PC and see whether such error problems happen to you again or not.

Method2: Reset the PC in My Computer
Step1. Right click Local Disk C to hit Properties.
Step2. Click Quota tab and mark Enable quota management option.
Step3. Finish the other settings listed there according to your needs and press OK button.
Step4. Reset all other D, E and F disk there and restart your PC.

Overall, no matter which one of them will work for you, these two methods have helped most of people who get the similar memory management error issues successfully. Hope they will also help you out.

Other Ways to Remove Such Blue Screen Error Problems on Windows PC

Of course, if the listed computer resetting steps could not work for your case, also do not feel depressing. Generally speaking, the common computer blue screen of death issues are often aroused by the damaged hard drives, incompatible app issues, too high computer usage, overheated computer, virus infection and more. Also go try to check computer hard drive to repair or replace it timely, uninstall incompatible games and apps, close unneeded programs and processes, cool computers, remove computer viruses and threats and more to take chances. And, in addition, if your BSOD issues are caused by corrupted or damaged Windows operating system, also go try to reinstall it to take chances.

Overall, no matter why you get such blue screen memory management error issues, hope you can completely resolve it and go on enjoying your computer freely.

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