Computer becomes really slow

Computer Becomes Super Slow?

Your PC becomes really slow recently? It really takes a long time for you to complete a business document? It really takes a long time to edit a taken photo or recorded video? It really takes a long time to open a commonly-used program, game or related tool, needlessly to say, it often freezes or crashes when you try to use them as before? Really want to know why your computer becomes so slow and also speed it up with proper solutions? All right! Read this article and learn how to fix this slow computer issue with ease.

Why Does Your PC Become Unbearably Slow?

The speed of computer can decrease gradually due to many reasons. Here are some main ones that cane be helpful for you:
1). Virus
When your computer is virus-infected, your computer will not only become unbearably slow, it will also pop out some strange Windows, hide your important computer files and even seriously damage your computer system files to cause worse computer issues.
2). Too many junk files
When your computer has too many junk files, including some useless files, photos, videos, browser histories, tempt files, Recycle Bin folder files and more, the computer performance also can be negatively affected.
3). Set too many start-up programs or tasks  
The computer speed also is able to be reduced when you have set too many start-up tasks. The start-up programs or tasks are some tools that will be automatically started every time when you boot your computer. No matter whether they are used or not, they will be opened and occupy your computer resources. That’s also why they will also affect the computer speed. 
4). Computer drive is too full 
When computer drive is nearly full, your computer speed will also be affected. That’s also why people are always suggested to keep computer drive with enough free space.
5). Open too many websites or browsers at the same time
Open many programs, files, sites or browsers at the same time? That absolutely could be why your computer becomes super slow. Just close the useless ones timely.
6). Install Too many antivirus tool
How many antivirus tools have you installed on your PC? It is always better to install one or two antivirus programs on the same computer in case of some unwanted software conflicts.

How to Speed up Your PC with Ease?

Really can not bear the too dull performance of your computer any longer? OK! Here are several measures for you to speed up your computer again: 
1). Clean computer trash files and remove unnecessary programs.
In order to speed up your slow computer, the first thing you are supposed to do is to clean all useless computer trash files and remove unnecessary programs. Here are some several tips you can follow:
Firstly, open all installed web browsers and clean all browser histories.
Secondly, clean all useless temp files like this: click "Start" to open "Run" tool and type in "temp", and at last, delete all unwanted tempt files there.
Thirdly, empty the computer Recycle Bin to remove all deleted stuffs.
Fourthly, uninstall all unnecessary programs and also delete all related files and folders.
Fifthly, apply computer "Cleanup tool" to help you like this: Start=> Programs => Accessories => System Tools => Disk Cleanup.
Overall, always timely remove useless files, folders and programs to release the free space of your computer.
2). Keep computer internal/external hard drive clean
After cleaning your computer, you’d better also clean the connected internal/external hard drive, flash drive or other storage devices. Just manually delete all useless files, videos, photos, songs or the related drive stuffs. Of course, in order to keep the storage device with enough free space, you also can defragment this drive like this: right click the selected storage device to open "Properties" and tap "Tools" to press "Defregment Now".
Please Note: Remember to make drive data backups well elsewhere in advance.
3). Reduce the start-up programs and tasks
Check the start-up lists and remove all unnecessary programs and tasks like this: right click "Start" to highlight "Properties", click "Start Menu" tab to press "Customize" button and then, remove the unwanted programs off from the start-up menu.  
4). Remove extra antivirus program off from your computer.
In case that your slow computer issue is aroused by too many antivirus tools, immediately remove unnecessary one and leave the most effective one for your future use. Of course, if it is caused by virus infection, also remember to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all possible dangerous viruses there.
5). Add computer memory
If you also can not speed up your computer successfully after you do have tried all the mentioned methods above, you can try to add memory for your computer to fix that supper slow performance issue.

Useful Tips for Spending up Your PC:

1). Save copies of everything well on different drives before deleting or cleaning everything.
Before you start to speed up your computer, in case of losing or deleting anything crucial, you are always suggested to move all important computer data to another drives or storage devices well.
2). Double check the selected files and folders before any delete, format or drive cleaning-up.
If you do have forgotten to prepare computer data backups on other drives or devices, always double check the selected files and folders before any delete, format or drive cleaning-up. Of course, if you really cannot afford to lose some crucial stuff, it is always never too late to make computer data backups well.
3).The deleted or erased computer drive data can be restored with drive data recovery software.
Also have mistakenly deleted or erased some important compute programs, files and more when trying to speed up your computer? OK! Go check the computer Recycle Bin immediately. If you still cannot take all lost data back from Recycle Bin, no worry! Stop what you are doing right now and download deleted file recovery software to scan this computer thoroughly. And then, take your original computer drive data back as much as possible. 

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