Computer Access Denied Error Problems & Solutions

Get an Access Denied Error Problem?

Receive an access denied error message when you are trying to open or use your selected computer partition, local folder, external hard drive or USB flash drive? Do not know why this happens and need solutions to fix this computer problem? All right! No matter why you get this error message, go find the possible reasons and fix it with corresponding solutions. Go keep reading this article.

Possible Access Denied Error Situations:

People can get this access denied error notification in many different situations. Here are some majors ones for you:
1). Local hard disk access is denied
The local hard disk or computer partition also is able to give this access denied error message after your double clicking to use or open it as usual. 
2). Removable hard drive access is denied
The newly connected USB flash drive, external hard drive or some USB memory card reader/adaptor also can gives the same access problem error message after you connect this USB storage device to your PC and go try to view or use inner stored data.
3). File folder access is denied
Sometimes, when you are trying to open or use some file folders stored on your computer drive, you also is possible to receive this error message.

Possible Reasons and Solutions:

Here are some possible reasons and related solutions about your computer access denied error problems. Here, take some major ones as examples. Hope they can give you some useful clues.

1).Your selected hard drive or file folder are password-protected or encrypted.

In these days, to protect the important file and file folders placed on some internal drive partitions, USB hard disk, flash drive or memory card away from some unwanted access, many people has chosen to encrypt their drive, partition or file folder with password. And once these hard disks or folders are password-protected, without entering the right password, you often are not allowed to access anything inside. That’s also why you receive this access denied error warning.
Hence, here are the detailed steps for you to remove this access problem issue

Step1: Go check the drive or file folder properties to verify whether it is really encrypted.
Simply right click this drive or file folder to open its "Properties" window to see whether it is password-protected.

Step2. Enter your password to access them all with ease.
If you do have found this drive is really encrypted, go enter the right password to open it smoothly, when you do remember the drive passwords. But, if you do forget the password, immediately descript this drive or folder with your encrypting hard drive. Of course, without these drive or file encryption software, some drive or file password restoring software also can help.

2).Some computer folder or partition data only can be accessed by the administrator users.

Nowadays, many computers have been used with different user accounts so that some essential computer information, like the computer file system, compute booting drive, computer figurations and more, could not be easily accessed, deleted or even damaged by some guest ccount. Of course, if you do have logged in as an administrator, it is also a piece of cake for you to access such essential compute information.
Hence, in such cases, you are supposed to do this:
Firstly, go log in with a right administrator user account. And then, see whether your desired file folder is still inaccessible.
But, if you really forget the right administrator account password and user name, also do not worry.
Secondly, go delete the original account and recreate another one to take chances like this: Start => Setting => Control Panel => Users Accounts =>Change an account => select the listed administrator account => Delete => Create a new one there.
However, if you do create none of such guest and administrator user accounts, your computer may get some unknown problems.
Thirdly, go reboot this computer and try it again.

3). Computer is virus-infected.

When computer is virus-infected, you also can get such access denied error problems without any sign. Simply go download an antivirus program to scan this computer and remove all possible dangerous threats. Also learn lessons to scan this computer regularly in the future.

4). Removable drive has been set as inaccessible to some people

The USB flash drive access is immediately denied after you attach it to your PC? OK! Such USB drive access issue also can be aroused by some special drive settings. When your computer has been set not to read or write any attached USB flash drive, you also can get this access issue. Therefore, in such cases, you are supposed to reset this computer like this: Start=> Run => Type in "gpedit.msc"=> Local Computer Policy => Administrator Templates => System => Remove storage device access => and at last, choose the desired options on the right list

Additional Notes:

1). Hope you’ve prepared computer drive information backups well.

Generally, to avoid computer data loss troubles, the east way is to prepare computer drive data backups on several drives or devices. So, hope you do have made data backups well before you encounter this access denied errors. Of course, if you really face such computer drive data loss troubles in daily use, some data recovery software also can be your choice to recover deleted files from external drive, retrieve lost data from formatted USB flash drive or get the lost photos from RAW format USB hard disk.

2). Never randomly use virus-infected USB drive or flash drive on different computers or laptops.

If you do doubt this access denied error of your USB flash drive or hard disk is caused by virus attacking, immediately stop using this drive on any other computer or laptop before you remove all possible viruses completely. Otherwise, you will spread the possible viruses on other machines and mess everything up.

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