Common computer mouse cursor problems

Computer Mouse Cursor Cannot Be Used Normally?

What type of computer mouse cursor problems have you encountered? The computer mouse pointer cannot move completely? The computer mouse cursor obviously becomes slower than before? The computer mouse pointer even cannot be founded on the computer screen? Or really want to change the computer mouse pointer looks? OK! There are really many frustrating mouse cursor problems and also many possible reasons behind. Just go read this article to find your mouse problems, figure out the possible causes behind and take practical solutions to fix them all with ease. Here are some common computer mouse problems and solutions for you:

Problem1: The computer mouse cursor responses really slow

When using computer mouse to click some options or buttons, you just find it obviously responses much slower than before? And really need track down the reasons and fix it? OK! The slow cursor response issue can be caused by many reasons, including opening too many programs, files or background processes, the reset mouse cursor speed, the outdated mouse driver and even viruses. Therefore, here, go try these below methods to see whether this mouse cursor troubles could be removed:
1). Close all unnecessary sites, programs, files and background processes.
2). Adjust the mouse speed with Windows mouse properties.
Simply open the computer Control Panel interface to choose Mouse options and then, click the "Pointer Options" tab to freely adjust the pointer speed there. 
3). Update computer drivers.
The outdated computer mouse drivers also can bring people slow response issue. Therefore, immediately find and update the computer mouse drivers also can helps a lot.

Please Note: On the computer "Mouse Properties" interface, you are also allowed to change other settings about your computer mouse, including the cursor looks, mouse wheel setting, mouse buttons setting and related mouse pointer setting, etc.

Problem2: The computer mouse pointers doesn’t move

Computer mouse cursor doesn’t move even when you do have moved the mouse on your computer desk many times? OK! Such no-moving mouse cursors happens due to many causes, including, broken or dead mouse connections, mouse battery issue and even the mouse pad problems, etc. You’d better carefully check the related devices as below:

Step1: Go check whether it is caused by dead or faulty mouse connections.

Merely disconnect your mouse from one connection port of your computer and go try it on another port there or on a different computer. Does the mouse cursor move well there? If your mouse cursor moves well as before on your computer with a different connection port, the previous computer USB port must be damaged or failed. Never use it again. But, if this mouse only works well on another different computer, it must be the problem of your computer. Go checking more information to track the real computer problem out. But, if this mouse cannot work on any computer or USB connection port, your mouse USB connection port must be dead and go change another new one for your PC.

Step2. Go check the mouse battery when you are using a wireless mouse.

The wireless mouse without power support also can bring you no-response mouse cursor issues. Merely, immediately check the mouse battery and change other new battery to see whether it can help restore the common use of your mouse.

Step3. Go check the mouse pad well.

The computer mouse pad also can affect the functional use of your computer mouse cursor. Go check your used ones and see whether it is still useful.

Step4. Go check whether your mouse is locked.

The computer mouse cursor also can stop working suddenly when you have unintentionally clicked the mouse lock button that often is located right above the mouse. Go find it and unlock your mouse.

Problem3: Don’t know how to change computer mouse cursor look?  

Have fed up with the common arrow-like mouse cursor and really want to change a more special, interesting or personalized mouse pointer? OK! No matter why you have to change the looks of your mouse cursor, here are two ways for you to do that:
1). Change the mouse cursor looks with Windows mouse setting.
Follow these steps to set it manually:
Step1: Open "Control Panel" interface like this: Start=> Setting=> Control Panel.
Step2. Find "Mouse" out from other listed icons.
Step3. Click the "Pointer" tab to freely choose your desired looks and press "OK".
2). Change the mouse pointer with mouse cursor changing software
But, if you are still not satisfied with the listed Windows mouse pointer looks, you also can download some mouse cursor changing software to help you. With such related software, you can not only easily choose some free, animated or colorful mouse pointers listed there, and also are allowed to freely draw or edit your own mouse cursors according to your preferences.

Problem4. Find no mouse pointer on the computer screen

You just cannot find the mouse pointer on the computer screen occasionally? Never panic! Such mouse cursor problems also happen for reasons. For example, as we all know when the mouse cursor is moved to the far edge of your computer screen, it will often become invisible and cannot be found as usual. Moreover, in daily use, some special programs, games or tools also can make the mouse pointer disappear in some special sections. Overall, in such cases, what you are supposed to do is only to easily move it out from the edge of your computer screen or some special sections of your started software, tools and games.

The Common Steps to Fix Computer Mouse Cursor Problems

Have not found your mouse problems here and also wanted to fix these problems with ease? OK! No matter what type of problems you’ve faced, here are some common steps that can help you find the common issues and remove them all with ease:
Step1. Check the mouse connections and the computer USB ports.
In case of dead or broken connection issues, the first thing you are often suggested to do is to check the mouse connections well. If there is no problem, and then, go connect this mouse to another computer port or computer to test it.

Please Note: When checking the mouse connection, you are also supposed to check the mouse cord at the same time in case that the mouse cursor issues are aroused by damaged mouse cord. 

Step2. Check the mouse settings.
As you’ve read above, the "Mouse" option in "Control Panel" can help you change many setting related to your computer cursor. Go checking the mouse setting also can help removing many simple problems, like too slow/fast mouse cursor response, changing mouse double-click speed setting, mouse button configuration, moue wheel problems and more.

Step3. Check the newly added computer software.
Some newly added software also can affect the using of your mouse cursor and cause problems, especially some virus-infected software. You’d better scan the downloaded software with antivirus software before installing and also uninstall it timely when it really brings you problems.
Overall, whenever happens, always keep calm to analyze the problems and find the solutions with patience.

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