CHKDSK Cannot Read RAW 3TB Iomega External HD

CHKDSK Cannot Work on My 3TB Iomega External HD for RAW. How to Recover Drive Files?

"Hello, friends there! I am trying to recover files from a 3TB Iomega external HD with CHKSDSK RAW error and need your help. Honestly, this drive has been used on my Windows 7 laptop over one year and held tons of my personal documents, movies and songs of the past year. However, last night, it seemed to get corrupted somehow and said I needed to format before use. And I tried using CHKDSK to repair it, but, it reported that CHKDSK was not available for RAW drives. Though I have downloaded external hard drive data recovery software and performed a deep scanning there about 1.5 hours, I was finally found most of the restored drive files were not able to be opened or viewed on any computer. I am not sure whether I have done the right things to rescue my USB hard disk files. How do you think? Is it still possible for me to recover data from external drive that cannot be read by CHKDSK for RAW drive issues? Thanks for any useful solution."

Hello, friends! You’d better not perform CHKDSK scanning again on your external hard drive with important data to avoid unwanted permanent data loss troubles when the drive is not formatted and asking you to format before any use in the future. And, right now, in your case, since you do have used CHKDKS there and found your Iomega USB hard drive seems to get a RAW file system error, do not rush to format or overwrite this drive and go apply external drive RAW drive recovery software to take chances.

CHKDSK RAW Errors Often Indicate Your USB HD Gets RAW File System Error

In daily use, the computer CHKDSK tool often is used to help test and repair computer hard drives with different problems, like bad sectors, logical damages and more. However, sometimes, it also cannot work on an external or internal hard drive when this drive is detected with a RAW file system error. Hence, when your computer CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives, it also often indicates that your hard drive gets a RAW file system and cannot be accessed unless you perform a quick or full formatting process there at first. Still really doubt about this idea? No worry. Go right click your 3TB external hard drive on My Computer interface and open Properties window to see whether its file system is shows as RAW, not the common NTFS or FAT32. If it is really displayed as RAW file system there, no panic! Before everything important inside this Iomega drive is replaced completely by new data, you are able to recover it back by applying external drive RAW format recovery software. Hence, do not rush to rewrite this drive and go try data recovery software there.

Please Note: In case of worse data loss situations, also do not rush to format this RAW Iomega external drive to convert RAW to NTFS on external hdd before rescuing desired files back.

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Recover RAW File System External Drive Data with RAW File System Drive Recovery Software

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The RAW file system errors of your 3TB Iomega USB hard drive often will not really erase or wipe out all your left drive videos, songs, documents and other important files. But, any farther drive rewriting, formatting or improper operating performed on this RAW format external drive will. Hence, before you recover wanted original drive contents back with RAW file system drive recovery software smoothly, stop saving new information on this drive and also do no quick or full format there. Merely go run data recovery software there at first.
Here are simple steps for you to retrieve data from external drive with CHKDSK RAW error:

Step1. Download and run RAW drive data recovery software on your computer internal hard drive partitions.

select recovery mode

Step2. Scan this RAW drive deeply and check the scanned files and photos one by one carefully.

wait while scanning

Step3. Prepare another storage device to hold all restored Iomega drive files in case of data recovery failures.

preview found photo

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Please Note:

*If your downloaded data recovery software really cannot help recover original drive files successfully, go try more data recovery tools online to take chances.
*Always perform a thorough drive scanning process and purchase the data recovery software that can help you scan and recover most of your desired original information. 
*Always format RAW external hard drive after you have restored and backed up your important data well.

Computer CHKDSK Tool Helps Test and Repair Computer Internal/External Hard Drives

Computer CHKDSK tool, also called error-checking tool, helps people test and repair computer internal or external hard drives with different problems. Fox example, when your external hard drive get bad sectors, after starting this CHKDSK tool there, it will help scan this drive from one sector to another carefully and mark all bad sectors out so that your future data storing will not be negatively affected by these bad sectors. But, if there are too many bad sectors and your drive is failing, this CHKDSK tool also cannot repair it. And you are supposed to use another new one to instead this old drive. And, when your computer hard drive or memory card gets some file system errors somehow, this error-checking tool also helps fix these file system errors and restore the common use of your storage devices. Overall, when you do doubt whether your computer hard drive gets problems, go test or repair it with computer CHKDSK tool.

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