CF Card Not Formatted camera Canon/Nikon/Kodak - 5 fixes (100% Work)


Compact flash card showing card not formatted error on Camera including Nikon Canon Kodak Fujifilm Sony Pentax Panasonic lumix Olympus, GoPro Leica...

cf card not formatted format card with this camera, is it safe to format? What if camera shows cannot format cf card change card2?

cannot format change card canon

What does CF card not formatted mean?

Why is my camera saying my cf card is not formatted? What does it mean card not formatted on camera compact flash?

The answer:

  1. If it's a new cf card, it means the cf card is not compatible with the camera (you may get it fixed with first two fixes on the following solution)
  2. If it's an old cf card used on the camera that suddenly turned card not formatted, it means the cf card has logical errors.(You may recover images/videos with fix #3 in the following solution at first, and then fix the logical errors on cf card safely.)

Part 1 - CF card shows not formatted format card with camera fixes

How do I fix compact flash card showing 'card not formatted format card with this camera' error on my digital camera olympus?

Here are some quick fixes you may try when your compact flash card reported not formatted.

#1 - A smaller capacity cf card or sd card would resolve the problem on camera

Why is cf card telling not formatted on camera? If it's the first time you used the cf card new on the camera, it's highly possible that your camera may be small or old that is not compatible with cf card that is usually large with exfat file system.

Quick fix -> change a smaller memory card may resolve the problem (less than 32GB)

sandisk 16gb compact flashA less than 32GB compact flash would fix not formatted error on camera

Background: cf card is usually large with capacity and quick on reading and writing that are favored by many camera lovers and large cf card over 32GB are always favored by camera users.

However if your camera is out for market many years ago or if your camera is small that is designed for starters or easy to carry, your cf card that is over 32GB may not be compatible with the camera which would report a not formatted format with card error, and which may also result in a format failure.

The message: cannot format cf card, change card -> change a smaller card may be what it meant.

Fix #2 - Format cf card FAT under Windows quick format option

What is FAT? FAT is an early Windows file system type for storage media to remember its data storage clusters(size, speed). Here in computing, it is not a plump(not thin) property of a memory card in outlook view but how the memory card is going to store its data.

If you insist on the same compact flash card to use on your camera, here is the solution for you -> changing the compact flash card to FAT file system.

Note: before changing cf card FAT, please backup all information from cf card to a usb flash drive or hard disk drive on computer if there are important images on the cf card, or recover files from cf card if it's inaccessible.


  • Insert cf card to Windows computer with a card reader
  • Open 'This PC' on your desktop, and right click cf card that shows under Windows file explorer -> Format
  • Select FAT under File system column that shows in the following window, and then confirm the formatting.

Format sd

#3 Recover images from cf card that says not formatted on camera (cf card suddenly says not formatted fix)

If a compact flash card used to work fine then suddenly shows card not formatted format card with camera, stop using the card for data storage, pull it out of the camera, don't format it if there were images that you do not want to lose.

Retrieving photos from not formatted cf card with iCare Pro free at first if images are important to you.

Download iCare Pro Fee

recover files

Fix #4 - Repair cf card that says not formatted by chkdsk on Windows 10

CMD chkdsk provided by Windows computer is able to fix simple logical errors on memory card that says card not formatted. Watch the following video for a guide.

Fix #5 - Repair corrupted cf card that showing not formatted with diskpart

Dispart cmd is also able to fix possible logical errors for your cf card that has not formatted error. You may do this with the following steps.

  • Insert cf card to computer via a card reader
  • Run cmd and type diskpart to enter
  • Type 'list disk' to show cf card and see which disk number it has (the following image shows disk 1)
  • Type 'select disk 1' to get cf card selected
  • Type 'attributes disk clear readonly' to remove cf card readonly attribute that may prevent the cf card from use
  • Type 'clean'
  • Type 'format fs=fat32' (you may try fat32 at first, if it does not work, come back to this step and use 'format fs=fat' instead)

Format sd

Part 2 - How to format CF card for camera when CF card cannot format

How do you format a cf card that says cannot format card on camera?

If a compact flash card cannot be formatted on a digital camera, it may have logical errors or write protection when it's damaged. How to remove its write protection? -> Diskpart cmd 'attributes disk clear readonly' is the function to get it cleaned with write protection.

The following steps are the ones for removing cf card write protection and repair possible logical errors on the cf card with the same procedure.

Format sd

More fixes on this page: memory card cannot be formatted fix [5 ways]


Question: cf card not formatted canon 5d, canon 40d cf card not formatted,

Canon 5D/eos 40d cf card not formatted format card with this camera on canon digital camera shall be fixed by the above methods or use this tutorial: card not formatted canon

Question: Canon EOS digital camera 5D MK II shows cf card not formatted error format card with camera

Solution: It's not a bizarre story when your Canon EOS 5D Mark II said cf card error: card not formatted since it may contains logical errors on the cf card if it's been using for sometime that may bring unexpected logical errors on the cf card. Repairing the cf card on camera shall be FORMATTING if it can be formatted. If not, then repair it on a computer, or it may be out of lifespan if there is nothing you could do to make it work.

Question: Cannot format card change card on 5D mkii cf card?

When a cf card is unable to be formatted, it may contain write protection after logical damages. You may remove the write protection with diskpart, or delete the cf card in disk management, and then create new volume for cf card.delete sd card pc

Question: 64gb CF card on Nikon D700 says card not formatted, and unable to format cf card, change card error

Solution: change a less than 32GB sd/cf card on camera would quickly fix the cf card not formatted error.

Here are more similar camera cf card not formatted errors including

  • pixpro az252 card is not formatted compact flash
  • cf card not formatted Samsung camera
  • cf card not formatted Olympus

Question: Why camera shows cannot format change card when I try to format cf card that says card not formatted?

The cf card may contains incompatible property with the camera, or it may have write protection that warns not formatted with cannot format card change card in the end.

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