Casio Digital Camera Picture Recovery

It is still a difficult thing for many people to recover lost photos from Casio digital camera though data loss is no longer a fresh issue. Nowadays, many people like to use a digital camera, while Casio is a popular brand of digital camera that appeals to people from all over the world. Most people do not know much about digital camera, so they often make mistake when operating on Casio digital camera and sometimes cause unexpected trouble. Sometimes, you may mistakenly press wrong button to delete files from Casio digital camera or you probably format memory card inserted in Casio digital camera. Sometimes, Casio digital camera might fail to recognize an SD card inserted in it or report some error message like memory card not formatted, write error, read error, etc after an improper operation.

Casio Camera Photo Recovery Software Download

Free download iCare Data Recovery Pro , a Windows data recovery tool, to recover any lost file when you meet data loss problem on Casio digital camera.

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iCare Data Recovery is a read-only program that allows you to recover all kinds of files including images, videos, music, etc in a short time.

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Casio Digital Camera Photo Recovery after Deleting

Sometimes, when you want to delete some unimportant photos, you may delete some valuable and unique files by mistake. Usually, you can delete files from a Casio digital camera when the memory card is inserted in the card slot of the camera or when you connect the memory card to your computer.

Casio Camera File Recovery after Format

You can perform format on a Casio digital camera. Sometimes, you probably format memory card on Casio digital camera on purpose because you want to erase everything stored on the card. Sometimes, you may mistakenly press the wrong button on Casio digital camera to format memory card inserted it inside because you are not familiar with the camera.

Casio Digital Camera Requires Formatting SD Card

You usually need to insert a memory card to Casio digital camera, thus data can be stored to the card when you use the camera to take pictures. SD card is a type of memory card that can be used for Casio digital camera, but sometimes the SD card might stop working since Casio digital camera says the SD card needs to be formatted whether you want to save or read any file.

Retrieve Pictures from Casio Digital Camera with iCare

It is important to rely on a reliable data recovery program to restore lost data whether it got lots due to human mistake or memory card error. iCare Data Recovery provides read-only solution for Casio digital camera photo recovery. This software works on Windows platform, so you only need to connect the memory card for Casio digital camera to a Windows computer and then get back all lost files.

Casio Digital Camera Pictures to Computer

After taking pictures by using Casio digital camera, you probably want to share those photos to your friends or family members. Then, how can you move pictures from a Casio digital camera to your computer? You can preview or view pictures on Casio digital camera. If you need to move those pictures to Windows computer or upload photos to your FaceBook, you can connect the Casio digital camera to your computer through a USB cable. Or you can also remove the memory card out of Casio digital camera and insert it to your computer through a card reader.

Pay attention:

1. You had better copy instead of cutting files from Casio digital camera and then paste them to computer’s hard drive. Data might be lost if the computer turns off suddenly after cutting files from Casio digital camera.

2. You should not disconnect the Casio camera memory card to computer during data transferring because it might also result in data loss.

3. When you want to delete all files from Casio digital camera memory card since you have copied them to hard disk drive, you had better check carefully whether all data has been transferred to hard drive. It would not be moved to recycle bin when you delete files from memory card.

Casio Digital Camera Overview

Casio digital camera is developed by Casio Inc. whose head office is in Tokyo Japan. Most Casio digital cameras are card cameras, which has fashionable design. In 2013, Casio Inc. has established Casio office mall, so users can buy Casio digital camera online. Casio digital camera includes:

Casio digital camera S series: This series of digital camera is thin and slim. It has a fashionable design. Some popular Casio digital cameras include Casio digital EX-S10, EX-S12, EX-S600, EX-S770, EX-S20/M20, EX-S2/M2 and EX-S1/M1, etc.

Casio digital camera HI-zoom series: This series of Casio digital camera is also thin and tiny, which has powerful zoom function. Casio digital camera HI-zoom series include Casio digital EX-H10, EX-V7, etc.

Casio digital camera Z series: Casio digital camera Z series such as EX-Z29, EX-Z33, EX-Z280, EX-Z400, etc has fashionable design and powerful function.

Casio digital High-Speed series: As the name shows, this series of digital cameras like Casio digital EX-FS10, EX-F1, etc have high speed.

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