Can't Delete Files Folders from Sandisk Flash Drive(Cruzer/Ultra) Fix

Last updated on Jan 10, 2021

Usually files can be deleted from Sandisk flash drive by getting them selected, and then right click -> Delete; or simple press the delete button on your keyboard to get them removed. (The truth: files can still be recovered after deleting with free pendrive recovery software.)

How to delete files in Sandisk ultra or cruzer that cannot be deleted? Sandisk usb won't let me delete files when I used no matter shift plus delete button or right click delete option, it just won't change, the files are all still there as they used to be, not a single change happened. Is there anything wrong with my sandisk usb? Is it virus attacked? or physical damage?

Quick fix -> files cannot be deleted from usb solutions with 5 free ways

Delete won't work on Sandisk usb

There are several situations that files or folders are unable to be deleted on a USB flash memory stick.

  1. USB flash drive has write protection =>Guide: how to remove write protection from usb
  2. Pendrive has read-only attribution in property => remove readonly using cmd
  3. Flash drive chips are damaged, dead: cannot delete nor format usb

Method #1 - Turn off write protection switch from sandisk usb flash drive

remove write protection by write protect switch

Eventhough this is a rare possibility that your write protection switch has been turned on by accident, you may also double check whether it was the error coming with the switch.

Video - How to remove/disable sandisk usb write protection

Method #2 - Remove readonly attribution on its property using cmd

remove write protection using cmd

Method #3 - Check whether files were set read only

If files or even a single file was set read-only, you won't be able to delete its folder and it can't format the sandisk usb either.

file is read only

How to Permanently Delete Files from Sandisk Flash Drive

The sandisk usb can be permanently wiped by freeware: Partition Resizer Free which has a wipe partition for data erasing on usb drives.

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free

Download Freeware Now

It would write 0 or 1 for your whole usb stick that would completely erase files from sandisk cruzer or ultra and the deleted files could no longer be found on the sandisk. 100% safe and free data erasing.

wipe data on usb

There are 5 different ways of wiping disks that you may choose per your request.

wipe data on usb

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