What to Do If I Cannot Find Deleted Files in Recycle Bin

Last updated on 13/03/2018

Do files always go to recycle bin after deleting?
How to recover deleted files when they are not in recycle bin?
This page will show you reasons and solutions!

What Can You Do If Deleted Files Are Not Found in Recycle Bin?

If you cannot see any file in recycle bin after deleting, you usually need to use a data recovery tool for file restore. iCare Data Recovery Pro is able to recover deleted files from recycle bin on all Windows computers.

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How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin without Software?

You do not want to use any software for deleted files recovery from recycle bin? You have following choices:

1. You made a backup for deleted files, so you can simply restore deleted files from backup

2. You make a system backup point before deleting files, so you can restore Windows back to previous version to get back deleted files from recycle bin.

3. Restore files from recycle bin after deleting using CMD.

Recommend: This page introduces details about those 3 methods to recover data after deleting from recycle bin: How to recover deleted files from recycle bin>>

Why Don't Files Go to Recycle Bin after Deleting?

  • Files do not go to recycle bin after deleting in following cases:
  • Press Shift + Delete keys to delete any file
  • Delete files from a removable media like memory card or external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc
  • You set remove files immediately when deleted or the data stored in recycle bin reaches its maximum size (You can see the settings by opening "Properties" of recycle bin), show as image below:

Of course! There is another situation: You forget that you have emptied the recycle bin or deleted files from it before you check the recycle bin to see deleted files.

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