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Last updated on 19/04/2018

Is There any Good Free Photo Editing Software Suggestion?

"Hello, community, as a complete noob in photography, I am thinking whether there are some free image editing tools that could help edit my blurring photos and improve them perfectly. Any good free photo editor with enough options on regular consumer level is OK for me. And, I am using Windows 7 PC and want to edit and merge some Canon camera Micro SD card photos. Thanks you for any help here."

Hello, friends! Are you also looking for similar free photo editors to edit or improve your camera or mobile phone pictures with success and efficiency? OK! No worry! Here is a list of 5 tested best free image editing programs for you to take chances:

8 Tested Best Free Image Editors for You

No matter why you want to edit your hard drive or memory card photos on Windows PC or no matter how many picture editing utilities you do have tried before, here is a series of best free ones that have been tested and recommended for you:

1). GIMP

As one of the most popular free photo editors, GIMP is a completely free one and allows people to easily edit the colors, layers, text words and the like elements of the selected photos as well as using many plugins to enhance these images. However, since it gets a Photoshop-like interface, it is also not so easy to grasp for some beginners. 


1). It is 100% free image editor.
2). It offers 13 language services.
3). Its Photoshop-like interface is easy to use if you are familiar with Photoshop.
4). It offers many features to help edit the photo colors, layers, text words and more.
5). It allows users to enhance photos with customized options and plugins.
6). It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and more operating systems.


*The installation failed somehow in our test.
*It also creates no shortcut on the desktop after being installed successfully.
*Its Photoshop-like interface also could be difficult for some beginners.

2). PhotoScape

As an all-in-one image editing utility for both of Windows and Mac OS computer users, PhotoScape is also a 100% free image editing software that allows people to view, edit, combine, animate, print, rename, split and convert the desired photos for free and also can help you edit photos in batch number.


1).It is also free for everyone to use.
2).It offers two language services: English and Chinese.
3).It offers many effective features to improve the selected photos, like viewing, editing, renaming, combining, splitting, converting, animating and more.
4).It allows people to process a batch of photos at a time.
5).It supports both of Windows and Mac operating systems.


*It takes a long to download it in our test.


Paint.NET is also another free photo editing software that is able to help people to edit and improve photos with many wonderful effect options, layer options, adjustment options and color options, etc. And, in order to let it work perfectly and smoothly, you are also supposed to download .NET Framework.


1).It is also free of charge.
2).Its simple interface is easy to understand and use.
3).It allows people to easily view images, add effects, adjust colors, layers and enhance photos as users wish.
3).It works well on Windows PC.


*You do also have to download and install .NET Framework while downloading and installing this software.
*It takes a long time to download and install these two tools in our test.


Picasa is also a free image editor that worth trying. Honestly, as image editing software, with some basic photo editing options, it helps adding effect, texts, adjusting colors and more features for the allocated photos. And as an image organizing program, it helps search, organize and manage the highlighted photos well. 


1).It is also free to download and use for everyone.
2).It offers basic photo editing options to edit and enhance your images, like adding effects, texts, adjusting the color, sizes and more.
3). It is also an image organizing utility to help search, organize and manage the selected photos well.
4). It Works well on Windows and Mac operating system PCs.


*It offers no enough photo editing options as the ones mentioned above do.

5). Ultimate Paint

In comparison with being called as a photo editing program, Ultimate Paint is more likely to be a completely free painting utility that also allows people to easily edit the selected photos. It offers many features for you to enhance your images, like brushing, adding texts, drawing colors, cutting rectangle and more.


1). It is also free.
2). It allows people to edit photos with many features, like brushing, adding texts, drawing colors, cutting rectangle and  far more.
3). It supports many image formats, like JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, TGA and the likes.
4). It is also workable on Windows PC.


1). It is often used as a free painting program.
In our test, we do have downloaded and tested many other frequently suggested image editors online, like PicMonkey, Sumopaint, Photoshop and more. However, since some of them are not really free or do have other problems, we do have picked these 5 best ones finally for you.


No matter which one you eventually choose to edit or improve your desired pictures, hope you can learn to save at least one copy of these original photos elsewhere to avoid any photo recovery or photo corruption issues.

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