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Why to Back up Computer Data?
In these days, nearly all people do know the important computer data, like personal or business documents, funny films or videos, favored songs or music and more, should be backed up well on one, two or more drives or locations well all the time. However, not all of them do know exactly why they are supposed to do that. Are you also one of them? OK! Brief speaking, preparing computer data backups well can help us avoid many data loss problems caused by:

1). Computer crash. The computer crash always happens without any waning and brings people serious data loss problems.

2). Storage device corruption. The widely-used storage devices, like hard drives, memory cards and the likes, always have a limited life-span and can be failed or corrupted in any moment when you are using. Regular data backups can help you rescue desired data with ease even when your device is damaged suddenly. 

3). Virus-infection. The malicious or dangerous virus also can hide or corrupt your desired computer data and make them unworkable.

4). Human errors. The important computer data also could be deleted, removed, or inaccessible for human errors, including accidental deletion, format, re-format, improper virus cleaning operations and more.

No matter whether you’ve ever experienced similar computer data loss troubles, always duplicate the important computer data on different hard drives, flash drives or other storage devices to avoid any unexpected data loss issues in the future.

Common Choices to Back up Important Computer Data

Generally, when it comes to backing up computer data, people often will have three possible options to choose:

Method1: Manually move computer data duplicates to storage devices.
Without enough storage devices prepared, people can manually move the important computer files and folders to other devices one by one for backing up.

Method2: Employ data backup software.
Of course, if you do have to back up a really large amount of computer data or do have no enough time to move everything important from one place to another, the data backup software could be what you are looking for. With such software installed on your computer, you always can back up everything well within several clicks. It backup scheduling function even can help you prepare data backups automatically and regularly.

Method3: Back up everything useful online.
Without extra storage devices, like internal/external hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards or others, people also can try to back up everything precious online. Many online backup services offer users some free accounts with limited storage space.

However, no matter which method you often use to back up your computer data, today, we will focus on the second ways and introduce some best backup software.

Five Best Free Data Backup Software

It is really necessary to back up all precious computer photos, videos, files, mails and other stuffs well in advance to avoid any unexpected data loss trouble in daily use. However, there are also tons of related data backup programs out there. Without enough knowledge, it could be really a difficult task to choose reliable and useful one out. But, also do not panic! The below five best free data backup software can help you narrow the choices:  

1). EaseUS Todo Backup Free
EaseUS Todo Backup Free, as the best free backup program in existence, is really a great appeal to people who need free data backup software to protect crucial computer data. It can help back up specific file, folder and even entire computer system to computer local folders, hard drives, external drives or online folders. In the aspect of helping customers protecting important data well, it offers many great features, like full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, backup schedulers, system partition backup and more. The software updates also could be automatically performed and never cause troubles for you. But, the unsatisfied point is that it doesn’t support the weekly and monthly backup. 

2). AOMEI Backupper
AOMEI Backupper is another useful free data backup program and can help users back up disks, partitions, files/folders and computer system. If necessary, it also can help clone a partition or entire disk to local/external drives and network folders. With this software installed, you even can easily add password to protect all backed-up data freely. Its data backup scheduler also can help people back up the assigned computer data every day, every week and every month. However, the bad point is that you often cannot stop a backup process when you do have to do something else. It only allows you to “start” or “cancel” the data backup and doesn’t offer a option to “pause” the backing-up process temporarily.

3). Comodo Backup Free
As another best free data recovery tool, Comodo Backup Free is easy-to-use and offers many common data backup features, like incremental and selective backups, data backup encryption, backup scheduling and the likes. it often can help back up files, folders, email accounts, particular registry entries, partitions and entire disks to local or external hard drives, CD, DVD or online storage folders. Most importantly, it also offers 10GB of free space online for you to back up your computer data. Moreover, when you deciding to use this backup software, you’d better pay attention to the options given during installing and timely remove unwanted optional programs, like some Cloud storage programs. 

4). Paragon Backup and Recovery Free
As it names indicates, Paragon Backup and Recovery Free can not only help you back up the assigned computer data and also help recover it with simple clicks when some backed-up information is deleted or removed mistakenly. Except some common features of computer data backup, this software also allows users to easily image your desired files, folders and disks to the target device. Moreover, unlike other ones, it also offers disk checker and cleaner that will help test the integrity of your data and also remove some useless files before backing it all up well.

5). FBackup
As another easy-to-use tool, FBackup has offered many features to let users have a good experience here, like its simple Wizard guidance, simple hotkeys and interface, etc. Its two types of data backup methods: Full backup and Mirror backup, also make it easier to understand and operate, no matter whether you are a beginner or expert. Moreover, most differently from other common data backup software, the free version of this software is always available for both of personal and business use.

How to Choose Right Backup Software for Your Computer?

Have no any data backup software installed on your computer? No worry! You can directly choose one right now. Here are some tips that can help you select a proper one:

1). Compatibility
You should make sure whether your desired backup software is compatible with your computer operating system. Honestly, in these days, not all computer software could be used under all versions of Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, including the mentioned data backup software. So, before making your decision, check the software instructions carefully.

2). Efficient Data Backup Features 
Many computer data backup programs have been developed with their won features for different users. Many of these provided features are really different, including the Incremental Backup (which allows users to copy files that have been changed recently to another location) and Continuous Data Protections (which allows users to back up changed files instantaneously), Backup Sets (which allows users to back up a series of files and folders) and Full System Protection (which allows users to back up the entire computer data, including the computer operating system), and the likes. You’d better choose them based on your own needs.

3). Diversified Data Backup Storage Devices
You are also supposed to check which type of storage devices your selected backup software supports. Not all outside data backup software allows users to save data backups on all types of storage devices, like external hard drives, flash drives, internal hard drives, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM and others. So, choose one according to your conditions.

4). Test the trial or free version of your desired data backup software
Of course, you do have checked all backup software information and also still don’t know whether it is proper for you. You can directly download the trial or free version to test it. If it occupies too much computer resources and slow down the computer performance, or it has no your desired data backup features, simply change another one to have a try.

Read More about Computer Data Backup Software:

1).Make full use of The Data Backup scheduler
In case of forgetting to prepare or update computer data backups timely, you can straightly schedule the computer data backup. Simply install your chosen backup software well after downloading and find the designed data backup scheduler. And then, merely set the related elements as you wish, like the regular backup time, destination storage device and more. 
2).Keep extra data backups on different storage devices
NO matter which type of data backup methods you are choosing to use, you are always supposed to save several copies of everything on different drives or locations well to avoid unwanted data loss troubles. So, when you do apply data backup software, also keep extra data backups on multiple storage devices.
3). Encrypt the storage device with sensitive data
If you also worry about your stored sensitive data, after backing it all up well on a storage device, you also can encrypt this device with your own password latter. Generally speaking, without knowing your password, nobody can easily access, delete or remove your stored data.
4). Verify data backups often
Not all data backup software will always work effectively all the time. So, to avoid some potential failures or errors that may affect the functional working of your installed backup software, you’d better verify the data backups often.
5). Use data recovery software to recover deleted or lost data
If you also get computer data deleted or removed without data backups left because of data backup software failures/errors, human errors or other unknown problems, you can use free data recovery software to scan the computer internal/external hard drive, flash drive or memory card and see whether such lost data could be completely restored safely.

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