5 Best Free Audio Editing Software

Last updated on 19/04/2018

Need a Free Music Editor to Edit or Improve Audio Files?

"Hello, what is the best free audio editing software? Recently, the birthday party of my girl friend is coming and I need a free music editing program to edit some songs on my Windows 7 computer as a birthday gift. In fact, I do have recorded many words from her families and friends, and some cute animal sounds with my Samsung Galaxy phone and wonder to add them all into her favorite songs. It could be really interesting. Do you have any idea? Does there any software like this exist? Thanks a lot in advance."

Hello, friends! That's nice to hear your sweet idea for your girlfriend's birthday party. And, there are indeed some free music editing programs that are able to help you out. And actually, in order to let more similar sweet thinking and ideas practiced more smoothly, our team does have downloaded and tested many searched free audio editors, and also picked some of the best free ones for you. Hope you can keep reading this article and select your best one.

5 Tested Best Free Audio Editing Software for You

Want to edit, mix, enhance or convert your audio files as you wish? Here is a list of tested best free audio editing utilities for you to go on:

1). Audacity

As the first free audio editor recommended here, Audacity is completely free and open source audio editing software that allows users to record and edit different sounds. It also supports most of popular music formats and also works with common operating systems.

*It is a free and open source audio recording and editing utility.
*It offers various language services.
*It helps people cut, copy, paste, mix and render the selected audio files.
*It also helps users add effects to enhance the offered audio files.
*It helps you export the edited audio files as the desired audio file formats.
*It supports many common audio formats, like WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP2, M4A, AC3, WMA, AMR and more.
*It is also workable with many common operating systems, including all Windows versions, Mac versions, Linux, GNU and more.

*It will take sometime for beginner to grasp.
*It crashes often in our test.

2). Free Audio Editor

Free Audio Editor is also a free audio editor and is able to help record, edit and mix the provided audio files for free. Except opening audio files from local hard drive partitions of your PC and external flash drive and memory cards, it also helps load sound files from CD. Of course, if necessary, this software also can help you erase and burn the connected CD. And also explore more useful features by yourself.


*It is also free to download and use.
*It offers four different options to load the target audio files, like opening local New Files, Recording new sound files, loading from CD and Text to Speech.
*It offers basic options to cut, copy, paste, mix, delete, crop, repeat and edit the loading sound files.
*It also allows people to add effects, reduce noises ad also mix different audio files.
*It also is able to help users erase and burn a CD.
*It supports many commonly used audio formats, including WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA and more.


*We are asked to complete a short survey before any use, like the age, gender, family and the like information.

3). WavePad Audio Editor Free

WavePad Audio Editor Free is also another free audio editing tool and allows you to create, edit and improve your sound files with many useful effects, tools and features.


*It is also free and easy to use.
*It allows people to use many music editing options, like spitting, joining, silencing, converting and more.
*It also offers many bundled effects, like noise removal, compression and reverb, etc.
*It also offers many other related tools, including Batch converter, Sound library, Text to speech, Create Ringtone and the likes.
*It allows people to process audio files in batch.
*It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad and Android operating systems.


*It is free for personal use.
*Some of the set features need to be paid before any use.
*Purchase a license code to upgrade this software to apply more effective audio editing options.

4). Wavosaur

As a free and portable audio editor, Wavosaur often allows everyone to record, render, mix and edit the loaded sound files, and also is able to helps record, analyze, batch convert and enhance the MP3 and WAV sound files.


*It is free.
*It is portable and able to be taken around with you through a USB flash drive.
*It offers many basic sound editing features, like cutting, copying, pasting and more.
*It also allows users to record, analyze, batch convert sound files.
*It also supports VST plugins.
*It works well with Windows OS computers.


*It supports WAV and MP3 format audios only.
*It is compatible with Windows operating system only.

5). Acoustica Basic Edition

As the last free one listed here, Acoustica Basic Windows is also free audio editing software that allows people to record, edit, mix and enhance different sound files with diversified features. It works really well in removing the audio file noises. And, this free version is only its free edition with limited features. If you do want to use some professional features, you are supposed to purchase a license code at first.


*It is a free and comprehensive.
*It also allows users to record, edit and mix sound files.
*It also allows people to add plugins to enhance an audio file.
*It also works pretty well in removing the old audio file noises.
*It also offers many audio effects for people to choose.


*In our test, we are also forced to download an anti-malware program at the same time
*This free edition offers only limited features completely for free. If you want to enjoy all offered features there, you’d better go purchase a code firstly.


No matter why you are looking for such free audio editing tools to edit, record, mix, convert, render or improve your sound files, hope you can analyzes the listed pros and cons of these tools carefully and select the best appropriate one for your case.

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