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2015 is really a great year for mobile phones. Many amazing smart phones have been revealed and attract customers all over the world in the past five months, like the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6Edge, HTC One M9, LG G4, Sony Xperia and more. However, all these branded phones also have their own distinct features and are not proper for all people. Are you also coincidentally planning to pick one from these newly unveiled ones and also cannot easily make your decision for knowing a little about such phones? All right! You can keep on reading this article to know more information of these newly introduced best Android mobile phones and learn how to pick a proper one according to your own needs.

Five Best Android Phone Choices

Though many newly designed/improved Android mobile phones have been introduced to the whole world, not all of them are as good as you wish. To help you make a wise decision, here, we’ll listed five best Android phone choices for you to choose.
1). Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge 
As the first type of smart phones revealed in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy phones have been designed with many attractive features, including a powerful processor, highly developed two cameras, a great operating system with many useful characters, the smooth and metal bodies and the improved fingerprint reader, etc. Most differently, this type of mobile phones is equipped with an advanced battery that is able to be fast charged and also supports wireless charging. With this phone, you can not only take wonderful photos, enjoying beautiful songs videos, play games smoothly, and also can quickly charge your phone battery from zero to 50% within only 30 minutes. Moreover, the following unveiled Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge also is a great phone that is worth trying.  
2). HTC One M9
Like the HTC One M8, the newly introduced HTC One M9 is also another attractive phone with impressive features, including the full-HD screen which is completely different from the quad-HD of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phones, 200MP cameras, dual-tone-all-metal bodies, diversified built-in applications, the fingerprint scanner and more. Moreover, the HTC One M9+ is also announced in China and makes many people become the HTC fans. Hence, if you do really need a new android phone urgently, this one also is able to be a good choice.
3).LG G4
Like other phones mentioned here, LG G4 is also lunched in 2015 and also regarded as one of the worthwhile android smart phone choices. Here are some key features of this type of phones: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 32GB of built-in internal memory, up to 2TB of external memory (with some Micro SD card support), Android 5.1 operating system with countless great features, an improved removable battery and more. Moreover, the LG G4 Note is also planed to be introduced in 2015 and will offer your guys more great features, including a massive 4GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and more.   
4). Sony Xperia Z4
Though there are some tumors that the Sony Z4 smart phone would be delayed, this type of mobile phones is still unveiled at last in 2015. But, it is only sold in Japan recently. This mobile phone are also attracted much fans for its features, like the glass and aluminum bodies, water-and-dust- proof character, 20.7MP cameras, a octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, up to 3GB of RAM, A 2930mAh battery, a number of preloaded useful tools and more. So, if you are also coincidentally living or working in Japan, this smart phone also can be on your phone choice list. 
5). Xiaomi Mi 4i
AS a newly-risen mobile phone brand from China, XiaoMi also has officially introduced its new type of smart phones, Xiaomi Mi 4i, in 2015. This Xiaomi Mi 4i cell phone also offers many great features, including a full-HD screen, a Qualcomm Snapdrgon 615 processor, a 3120mAh all-day battery, a 2 GB of RAM storage and 16 GB of external storage, 13MP cameras and more. So, this type of mobile phones will also not let your down.

How to Choose a Right Smart Phone?

When trying to pick a smart phone for your friends, families or yourselves, except the price, you are also supposed to carefully consider other elements, like battery life span, free phone accessories, phone memory capacity and more. Simply read the below part and follow the guidance to choose a right smart phone with ease:

1). Cell phone system: android or Windows
Like the commonly-used computer or laptop, cell phone is also allowed to be used with different systems, like Android and Windows. Different cell phone system can bring you distinct experiences. Hence, simply select one according to your own needs. If you do have ever used Android system and have much good memory with it, you can simply choose this system directly. However, if you are much more familiar with Windows system, the Windows smart phone also can be your good choices.

2). Phone screen:
When choosing a mobile phone, you are also supposed to decide on the size of the phone screen and whether it is created with a touch-screen. With a mobile phone with a larger phone screen, people often can have a better or more pleasant experience when see some movies, view photos, play games or enjoy some other stuff. With a touch-screen mobile phone, people also can easily select, move, delete or edit something with faster speed. So, choose your wanted ones according to your conditions.

3). Phone camera
Many cell phones are designed with cameras so that people can easily take photos to remember some valuable moments. So, when selecting a proper smart phone, you are also supposed to check the information of built-in cameras well, like the front camera, rear camera, camera pixel, picture editing effects, camera settings and the likes. And then, randomly take a photo with that selected smart phone and check whether it is satisfying for you.

4). Phone Battery
All mobile phones cannot work forever and need the inserted battery to provide the power continuously. So, when choosing a cell phone, the phone battery condition is also supposed to be taken into consideration. Just check the common life span of the phone battery, the phone talk time and the phone standby time, etc.  

5). Appearances
Of course, in these days, mobile phones are not only tools to let people keep in touch with families or friends, and also subjects to reflect the fashion taste of the owner. So, when trying to choose a mobile phone, you should also consider about the appearance, like the color, the shape, the exterior design and more. If you do plan to send it as a gift, you’d better also consider about the appetites of your friends or families.

6). Free phone accessories
When you purchase some cell phones, the sellers often will also give away some phone accessories, like phone studio earphone, phone clear shield, phone screen protector, special phone premium, the phone charger and others.

7). Phone memory
The phone memory often matters a lot. Hence, when selecting a phone, you are also supposed to check the phone memory well, including the phone internal memory and extended memory (which often indicates some external memory card). Simply check how large amount of data you can store on the phone internal memory, which type of memory cards you can use on this phone, like some SD cards, Micro SD cards or memory sticks, etc, and what’s the maximum capacity of the inserted phone memory card.
8). Price
Undoubtedly, the price is also are supposed to be considered carefully all the time. The cheapest one is not the worst one. The most expensive one is also not the best one. Choose a proper one with a reasonable price.

9). Phone Processor
There are often two different types of phone processors: the single-core processor and the dual-core processor. Moreover, the dual-core processor often will be used longer than the single-core processor. Hence, when choosing a phone for someone, you’d better also check the phone processor types well. The phone with a dual-core processor is often a better choice.

10).Other special needs
Of course, no matter whether it is purchased for yourself, you’d better also take some other special needs into considerations. For example, if you do plan to buy one for your grand parents or other aged people, you’d better choose some ones with a louder voice and cleaner screen.


1). High price cannot indicate high quality
No matter how much money you’ve prepared to buy a new mobile phone, the price doesn’t reflect all conditions of the specific phone. Hence, never select your cell phone only based on the phone price.
2). Back up phone data well on the memory card or other devices.
No matter which type of smart phones you’ve chosen at last, you are supposed to always remember to back up the important phone data well on the phone memory cards or other storage devices, not on the phone internal memory. Why? In this way, even when you accidentally delete or erase something useful, you also have high chances to recover them back from these devices.
3). Recover Lost or deleted phone data from phone memory card with data recovery software.
If you really delete or lose your phone photos, documents, messages, contacts, videos and songs mistakenly or purposely, you still can apply Android data recovery software to scan the phone memory card and recover these deleted or wiped data back with ease.

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