Back up Your Important Data Online

What Is an Online Backup Service?

Have you ever heard about online backup service before? Or have you ever tried to back up your important files online? Generally, the online backup service, like the well-known Google Drive, is a service that allows people to upload all assigned data, commonly including photos, videos, mails, messages, audios and others, to the online storage and never occupy any physical space of their owned storage devices, like external/internal hard drives, USB flash drives or memory cards, etc.

Why to Back up Your Data Online?

As a newly-risen backup approach, the online backup service has its own advantages, in comparison with the traditional storage device backup methods:
1). Back up & protect your uploaded data safer
As a storage device user, you must know the commonly-used storage devices, like SD cards, Micro SD cards, memory sticks, portable hard drives or USB flash drives, do corrupt or fail someday. Once such corruption happens to you, your stored device information could be really dangerous. However, as with these online backup services, it is completely different. Once you back up your wanted data on the online storage, the assigned data would be stored and protected there till you delete them at last. In this way, it is much safer, right?

2). Use no physical storage device
To avoid unexpected data loss troubles, people are often asked to back up all important data on different drives or locations all the time. However, in actual use, not all people do have enough money to prepare one, two or more portable hard drives, USB drives or flash memory devices to make data backups. If you are unluckily one of these persons, don’t worry! Even without enough drives and memory cards to hold your valuable data, you can also freely and safely back up your desired data well as you wish. Simply try to use the online backup services.

3). Easy Access anytime and anywhere
Once you’ve uploaded your data to the online storage, without carrying any portable storage device, you also can freely access your backed-up data. With not too bad internet connection, you can easily download your stored data at any time and any place.

Five Best Online Backup Alternatives

The online backup service can help protect your data well and also allows you to quickly access the backed-up data. So, now, you are really interested and cannot wait trying such backup alternatives? OK! By reading this part, you will know five best online backup choices for you to choose:

1). Google Drive
As the most well-known online backup alternative, Google Drive is one of the great produces of Google and allows users to upload documents, photos, videos, files, songs and others there with ease. And also allows users to timely invite friends to share these updated stuffs. Its simple and smart interface, like tree-like file list, is really easy for users to operate and use.    
*It provides free space up to 15GB and is also regarded as the most generous online backup service.
*It also offers some promotion activities for users to improve the free storage space. For example, you can get 10GB of free space when you download Quick Office.
*It also offers many related applications there so that users could conveniently start and use them based on different needs.
*It also allows users to reach the backed-up data from any smart phones, tables, computers and the like devices.
*It works well with Windows and Mac operating system, Android and iOS phones.
* There are some limits to your uploaded or created files. For example, the files larger than 5TB often cannot be shown normally there.
* You cannot earn free storage by recommending other friends to sign up there.

2). Dropbox
Dropbox also is another effective online backup service and offers Cloud storage, file synchronization, personal Cloud and some client programs for users. It also allows users to create a special folder for synchronizing everything inside. It is fast, light and simple. It could be one of the must try for any user.
* It allows users to earn 500GB of additional free space for each friend to get signed up there.
* There is no file size limit.
* It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating system, Android, iOS and Blackberry phone.
* The maximum free space you can earn is only 16GB.
* It Provides 2GB of free space for every new member.

3). OneDrive
As a worthwhile online backup alternative, OneDrive is a product of Microsoft Company and also allows users to upload and synchronize their assigned personal files, videos, music and more to Cloud storage. Since it is designed and developed by Microsoft. Many products created by Microsoft have been set with quick button, option or other method to help users access this online backup service with simple clicking.
* It works perfectly with Windows devices, like Windows computers, tablets and phones.
* It also could be quickly accessed when you are using other Microsoft’s applications or products.
* It also offers 15GB of free space for every customer there.
* It can be used under Windows and Mac operating system, Android, iOS and Blackberry phone environment.
The file size restriction is 2GB.

4). IDrive
IDrive is also one of the best online storage services and also offers users both of scheduled backup and continuous backup. In order to protect users’ files well, it also allows users encrypt assigned files and other information before transformation. The private password or key will be only known for the users.
Cons: It offers users 5GB of free online backup space.

5). Spideroak
Spideroak is an American online backup choice and also allows users to protect data before uploading them all to the Cloud storage. It allows users to access, synchronize and share anything there freely. Moreover, it always provides free accounts for users who will not exceed the maximum storage space, 2GB.  
* It supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating, Android and iOS platform.
* It allows users to password protect their data.
* Its refer-a-friend-program also allows users to earn more free space as rewards when the users’ friends also sign up there.
* It only offers users 2GB of free space.
* The Maximum free space reward for users to earn us only 10GB.
Besides, some other commonly used online accounts also allows users to upload limited capacity of data for free, like iTunes, Clouds, FaceBook, Twisters and the likes. They also could be your choices when there is no extra money left.

How to Choose a Proper Online Backup Choice?

Though there are many worthwhile online backup choices, like the above introduced five ones, not all of them can be your final alternatives. You’d better learn to choose a proper one according to your own conditions and needs. Here are some elements that you’d better take into considerations:

1). Online Storage Capacity
Not all the online backup alternatives on the market allow you to store the same amount of computer or drive data online. Different choices may have different storage capacities. So, just roughly estimate your common storage needs and choose a one service that can provide you the same or larger storage capacity.

2). Data Transformation Speed
Except the storage capacity, the data transformation speed also is another important point that you should check well before making any online backup service decision. With faster speed, next time, when you have to use your online backed-up information in another place, you also can be much faster to access everything desired. 

3). Password Protection
When trying to choose an online backup service for your important files, you are also supposed to consider about the data security, especially carefully consulting whether there are some password protection functions bundled and how strong the password protection is. The online backup service with password protection is often undoubtedly much safer than these ones without any security measure. 

4). Customer Comments
As the designer of these online backup services, to attract more customers, they may exaggerate their product functions and post some unpractical description in the product instructions. So, when you do want to try such online data backup services, do not read and trust all the instruction words only. Also carefully check the customer comments/reviews and check the opinions of the previous customers.

5). Service Price
As with other online products, the online storage devices are also not all free. Some of them are free for everyone all over the world. Some of them are only admitted to provide a limited free storage capacity. And some of them need get paid before you store anything there. Just choose yours according to your own needs.
No matter which one of them is you are looking for, always check these above mentioned elements and choose the proper one according to your conditions.

How to Back up Desired Data Online?

Do you know how to successfully back up your precious movies, pictures, files, music and the likes online? OK! No worry! It is really simply. Here are common steps that you can follow:

Step1. Create a new online backup service account
Open the official website of your selected online backup service and find its register interface to create a new account there. You can easily open the register interface when you clicking some hyperlinked words, like “Register”, “Join”, “Join now” “Sign up”, “Create a new account” and the likes on the top or bottom of the website. Simply fill all desired information and also activate this account timely.

Please Note:

*Provide a valid email when you are asked to fill one so that you can timely activate this account and also use it as quickly as possible.
*Also remember the account name, password and related information well. Write them down well on your notebook or elsewhere.

Step2. Log in and follow instructions to set your online storage well.
After activating this online backup service account well, just sign in to your newly created account and also follow instructions to complete your profile information or set your account well, especially check whether it is necessary to change another password for your account.

Please Note: If the selected online backup service needs to be paid at first, also follow its guidance to pay your money safely.

Step3. Upload your data there
And then, upload all your desired files, photos, documents and the likes to this online storage. Pay your attention on the max capacity of this account, especially when you are using a service that needs to be paid.

Step4. Update these backups regularly
These data backups are also supposed to be updated when you have done some changes to this protected information. In this way, you can simply copy everything back completely when some unwanted data loss troubles happen.

Additional Suggestions:

1). Never Put All Eggs in Only One Basket
It is not so good to prepare only one copy of everything important on only one drive or location. As the old saying goes, do not put all eggs in only one basket. So, from now on, remember to save multiple data copies on different drives, memory cards or online storage.

2).Check & Update Data Backups Regularly
The outdated backups often do not help a lot when most of your newly made data is deleted or lost. So, to make these prepare data backups useful all the time, also regularly check and update them in the future.

3). Restore Deleted or Removed Important Data with Data Recovery Software
Have deleted or removed your important data before you backed it all up to online storage or mistakenly lost data and also cannot be found it all back from online storage? No panic! The deleted or erased storage device information also could be restored back with free data recovery program as long as the original data is not rewritten by new stuffs on the same storage device. So, immediately stop using this device and download proper data recovery software to retrieve everything desired back.

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