Restore ARchieve Files from Formatted Drive

Last updated on 06/02/2018

iCare Data Recovery Pro - Archive file formatted recovery

How to recover archive files from formatted hard disk drive free? How to recover an .rar file from formatted disk? I have lost important RAR files in my formatted external drive, please help. How can I recover archive files after formatting memory stick?

iCare Data Recovery Pro is a quick and complete format recovery software for .RAR files. It works with most storage media where you may store your .RAR files and get lost when your storage media was formatted by accident.

ARchive Files Formatted Recovery

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Here is all what you need to do to unformat drive and get .rar files back.

Connect your storage media if your RAR files where lost there. And let the recovery software do the rest for file recovery.(If you formatted your PC disk and lost archive files, then this one can be omitted.)

  1. Download and install this program on a Windows OS PC.
  2. select recovery

  3. Go to a proper recovery module for formatted drive file recovery
  4. select drive

  5. Select your drive where you lost files and you will see your deleted files.
  6. recover files

Supported media:
Cellphone, Flash drive, memory card, hard disk drive, USB drive, external hard disk, pen drive etc.

The data loss problem might also occur on memory card, and you can use the iCare Data Recovery to perform memory card photo recovery free, SD card recovery after formatting.

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