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Android phone is the smart phone that runs Android operating system. You can make calls, send messages, play games, watch movies, etc on an Android phone. Today, most Android phone has internal memory for data storage, but it also supports a memory card as an external storage media. Therefore, data stored on an Android phone may be stored on the internal memory of your Android or the memory card inserted in it. In most of time, Android phone works normally and brings you lots of convenience, but it also runs into troubles sometimes. You may face different problems on an Android phone, such as:

1. Insufficient Storage Available on Android Phone
2. Installation errors for updates on Android phone
3. App stops working on Android
4. Android reports not formatted error
5. Android phone not read micro SD card
6. Android phone reboots or turns off suddenly
7. Android phone cannot be detected to Windows PC

Insufficient Storage Available on Android phone

Storage refers to the space for data storage on Android phone. You probably receive insufficient storage available on an Android phone in following situations:

1. There is not enough free space on Android phone internal memory.

Today’s Android phone usually has 16GB, 34GB and even 64GB internal memory for data storage, so lots of people do not insert any memory card in an Android phone anymore. However, along with more and more data is written to the phone, the internal memory may get full. You may get insufficient storage available message when you save a file that is over the free space on the internal memory.

2. Memory card for Android phone has not enough free space

If you have inserted a memory card for data storage on Android phone, the phone will also says that there is not enough free space when the memory card is full.

3. Android phone is infected with virus

Whether you store data in internal memory of Android phone or memory card, you might receive the error message if your phone or the card is attacked by virus.

Installation Errors for Updates On Android Phone

Installation errors for updates on an Android phone usually occur when you attempt to install application updates on your phone. This error message usually shows Install error: Could not install on storage media or memory card. When you receive this error message, you should check if the network still works well. In addition, you may get this error message if the storage media for installing the updates is full.

APP Stops Working on Android Phone

You can install different applications on an Android phone, but sometimes App may stop working on the phone. Here are some possible reasons:
>> App is not compatible with the Android operating system
>> Android phone is infected with virus
>> The App is conflict with some other programs on your phone

You can refer to unfortunately App has stopped error on Android to learn how to fix the problem.

Android Phone Reports Not Formatted Error

Android phone reports not formatted error when memory card is corrupted due to different reasons like virus infection, bad sectors, improper operation, and more. In this situation, you can format the memory card to fix the error. Before formatting it, you should extract all inaccessible files from the card in advance by using Android phone memory card recovery software.

Android Phone Not Read Micro SD Card

When an Android phone does not read micro SD card, you can turn off the phone and remove the card. You can insert this micro SD card to another phone if possible to see whether it can work normally. If the micro SD card is unreadable on any device, you can reinsert it to the Android phone and format it by following the guide: click Settings > Storage > select Format SD card > select Format SD card again

Android Phone Cannot Be Detected by Windows PC

The Android phone cannot be detected by Windows computer? In this situation, the first thing you should do is to check if the USB cable works fine. In both of the USB cable and the USB port work fine, you can open Disk Management on your computer and try to format the Android phone there.

Android Phone Turns off or Reboots Suddenly

If Android phone turns off all of a sudden without showing any warning, probably the phone is powered off. In addition, the phone may reboot or turn off suddenly if you run any program that is conflict with the Android system. What is more, virus infection can also lead a phone to reboot or turn off without any warning. You should install antivirus software on your phone to prevent unexpected virus infection. You should also regularly update Android system on your phone to ensure the best performance.

If you lose any data from Android phone due to the similar reasons above, you can use data recovery software to recover files from Android phone.

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