How to use iCare Data Recovery

Download and Install Process

Download iCare Data Recovery and launch the file (please do not download nor install it on the drive where you lost data)

Confirm Installation

Select a non-data-lost partition to install

Launch the program after installation


Step by Step Guide to Use iCare Data Recovery Edition

Select a recovery option on the main interface to start recovery


Deleleted Recovery: recover data off storage device after deletion

Deep Scan Recovery: recover files with RAW mode that searches every possible file on each blocks, advanced format recovery to recover data off formatted storage devices

Partition Recovery: recover files from partition deleted, missing, damaged partition table

How to choose the right recovery option for my case

Step by Step Guide to Use iCare Data Recovery

Step One: Select one recovery option like "Format Recovery" to recover lost data

Step Two: Select the drive that you lost your data to start data scanning. Then you need to wait for scanning process to finish.

500GB data - 1 hour. If it takes more than 10 hours searching lost files from a 2TB drive, the disk may get corrupted. You need to cancel the searching and wait to see what's already found there.

Step Three: preview lost files (photos, word, excel files can be previewed)

Step Four: save found files to a non-data-lost disk