Recover Formatted Partition in Windows 10/8/7 (HDD/USB External)

Can I Recover a Formatted Partition?

Reformatted hard disk partition by mistake? Encountered computer partition reformat problem? Partition file system RAW? Partition not readable or detected? Important files gone? What happens if you format a partition?

Don't worry, try iCare Pro Free, the Format Partition recovery software free download in Windows 10/8/7 or any Windows computer to help fix the reformatted partition and restore formatted files.

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Besides hard disk partition format recovery, iCare Pro is also able to restore photos from sd card, undelete sd card formatted, drive has raw file system or disk cannot be recoginized...

All you need is to use the format recovery utility – iCare Data Recovery Pro, to perform full safe partition recovery.

Formatted partition recovery attention:

You cannot install the software on the formatted partition, since even a single data added to the partition would overwrite the deleted files due to formatting.

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Tutorial for Partition Recovery after Formatting

You can restore formatted partition data within 3 steps:

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Step1: Just select "Deep Scan Recovery" modue for formatted partition recovery in iCare Data Recovery Pro that is able to scan a full hard disk and possible partitions would be listed for recovery. It includes partition recovery in the mode that is able to recover deleted, formatted partitions when hard disk partition was deleted or formatted by accident.

select drive

Step2. Click the formatted partition to wait the software to search lost files.

Step3. Preview images and documents, and then choose all files you need to recover.

recover files

How to Delete Photos files from Reformatted Drive

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Free download iCare Data Recovery for formatted partition files restore now!

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Resources Related to Formatted Partition Restore

When we say to restore a formatted partition, it usually means to recover data from a data partition after formatting. For instance, recovering files from D partition or restoring data off E drive.

System partition format recovery

System partition usually refers to C partition, on which you have installed PC's operating system. A system partition is usually formatted when you reinstall OS because PC often does not allow you to format a C drive in Windows Exploer or Disk Management.

iCare Data Recovery has the functions of data recovery after format any partition whether it is data volume or system partition after formatting in Windows Explorer, Disk Management or system reinstalling.

The Bottom Line

Besides recovering data from hard disk partition, iCare Recovery also takes care of other digital devices file rescue like memory card, external hdd, usb flash drive etc. Download iCare Data Recovery to have a try now! Please keep your drive untouched from any further operations and use read-only software to scan lost files to avoid data overwritten. This format recovery freeware allows you to recover quick formatted partition or complete formatted partition.

Last updated on 8/10/2020

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