iCare Data Recovery

recover lost data


iCare Data Recovery

  • Restore data from hard disk drive after deletion, formatting, or other human errors
  • Restore data from computer hard drive after power surge, virus attack, improper unplugging etc.
  • Supports All brands of hard disk, laptops, camera cellphone memory card

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More about Hard Disk Recovery

Why do we need recovery from hard disk? Data loss can happen under various kinds of cases. It may happen when you stored your photos, video files and other important files and there was no other backup copies else somewhere. After a system crash, virus attack, or you may even do not know what happened, and you just cannot find your vital information. Only with the help of Hard disk recovery software - iCare Data Recovery is able to perform data recovery from hard disk volumes.

Hard Disk Failure

When a hard disk no matter laptop or desktop disk fails to work, it malfunctions. The stored data cannot be accessed due to this malfunctioning. When having a disk failure, or system crash, it would report bad disk. Sometimes you may call it dead hard disk. When it is logically damaged, you may still have chance to recover data from the hard disk, however when the disk is forever physically damaged, your data would probably go forever.

Hard disk failures that can still perform data recovery

Logical hard disk failure is about Accidental deletion that you deleted information by mistake; accidental format - you performed quick or full format by error, software bugs, file system corruption, viruses and malware and so on.

You can run into similar data loss issue on a memory card after formatting, deleting or when memory card is not accessible. In this situation, iCare Data Recovery can help restore lost files after reformat SD card, XD card, CF card and memory stick.

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