Flash Card Photo Video Recovery

iCare Data Recovery: your one stop free solution for flash card when you have accidentally deleted photos, video files, music files off your flash card

Download iCare Data Recovery Edition to restore deleted flash card files with just several clicks. Flash card here may representative compact flash card, flash memory card, flash drive. It can help you restore files when you are looking for the following.

Use recovery program - iCare Data Recovery, which is able to help you restore deleted photos, video files, office files etc from flash card, compact flash card, flash drive that you use on digital camera, cellphone, etc.

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Flash Card Recovery Tutorial

Step 1 - Run and enter the main screen of the software, on which please choose the most favored scan mode.

select recovery option

Step 2 - Chooes the flash card which need to be scanned to search lost data.

wait while scanning lost data

Step 3 - Preview lost files one by one and then reclaim them all in batch.

preview lost data

download data recovery software

In comparison to hard disks, flash cards are commonly used due to its static retrieval capability and small physical size. A hard disk requires a megnetic head to read its contents, and the disk must be enclosed in metal cartridge. However, flash cards are much more convenient. That's why they are used as removable storage media. The small size makes it easier for you to carry. With the advancement of digital technology, the storage capacity of flash memory cards has increased dramatically. So many people are keeping their important photos, videos, audios, and text documents, which are of big file size collected together, on the flash memory cards.

But what do you feel if you lost some movies that you had taken so much time to download? Is it a great pity? Or worse still, you are going to the office to give an important demonstration in front of all colleagues, but you found the PowerPoint and Documents lost on the flash card. Do you panic? Don't worry, with iCare Data Recovery, you can easily bring back these lost files, regardless of file types. You can recover lost mp3, mp4, wma, avi, 3gp, rm, doc, docx, zip, rar, amr, ppt, pptx, jpg, png, gif etc. The supported files cover all kinds of formats such as audio, video, documents and photos.

iCare Data Recovery is totally free to use. It's capable of performing differents kinds of data recovery on different storage devices, such as hard disk, external hard disk, flash memory card, SD memory card, CF memory card, USB flash drive, etc. It's also easy to use. You are only a few steps aways from getting your lost files back.

There are four data recovery modes in iCare Data Recovery. They are "Lost Partition Recovery", "Deep Scan Recovery", "Deep Scan Recovery", and "Format Recovery". You can choose the one that suits your data loss scenario. If you accidentally formatted the whole flash card, you'd better choose "Format Recovery". If you only want to recover some movie you downloaded, please choose "Deep Scan Recovery". There are different operating procedures in different recovery modes.

If you encounter the similar data loss problem on your pen drive, you can also rely on the data recovery software, with which you are able to recover files after formatting pen drive or when you mistakenly delete files from pendrive. Even if pen drive is not recognized, you can also use this software to restore lost data.

To maximize your chances of successful recovery, it's important that you do not create new files after you discovered the data loss. Because lost files are not erased upon deletion, instead, they remain on the disk, it's just the file system marked the space as free and new files will occupy the space and overwrite them. They can be recovered unless they are already overwritten.

download data recovery software100% clean

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