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Question: When I connect my sd card to get travel photos, the sd card was reported not formatted error, I clicked yes, now I lost my photos, how can I unformat the sd card and recover data after formatting memory card?

Resolution: When sd card has been used for a while and stored files like travel photos, storage would become somehow wired and keeps getting message like the drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now. Digital camera users might easy get photos reformatted, namely SD card formatted by mistake, then photos would disappear. Don't worry, there is still chance to retrieve lost photos. Unformat sd card to restore photos with iCare Data Recovery no matter the card has been reformatted or has reported not formatted error.

answerSolution: Do not use SD card again from taking more photos. Better keep it untouched. Try iCare Data Recovery to restore files with "Format Recovery". It is offered as free trial and it can search your lost files for free.

Please download iCare Data Recovery and run the trial for file recovery after format or unformatted error

Freeware for SD Card Recovery When It Has Format Error

When an SD card has format error, iCare Data Recovery works perfectly on unformatted SD card for

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  1. Download iCare Data Recovery
  2. Install it on a healthy partition or a healthy PC and connect memory card SD as an external device
  3. Run iCare Data Recovery, select "Format Recovery" and then start free file searching
  4. See a list of partition? Select the auto selected one and then click "Recover"
  5. Register and then save found files

Screenshots of iCare Data Recovery to perform data recovery

data recovery

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Free to Fix SD Memory Card Format Error

An SD memory card may show format error on your digital camera, mobile phone, computer or some other device. What you should do is to format the SD memory card to fix the error after data recovery.

==> Failed to complete the format on SD card? Do not panic! Please visit this page – Windows was unable to format SD memory card>>

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  • Windows XP SP3 was unable to complete the format my memory card on sony digital camera(Micro SD 1GB) i have tried format using NTFS, FAT, FAT32 but nothing happen.

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