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Free Data Recovery Software for Dynamic Disk

Dynamic disk data recovery software is a professional utility for lost data recovery from a dynamic disk. Why do you need to use dynamic disk data recovery software? Well, have you ever spent several hours writing an important file, but the computer shuts down suddenly? When you reboot the computer, all information about the file is lost because you didn’t have time to save the file when computer shut down without any warning? Or have you ever failed to access a dynamic disk partition because the dynamic disk is corrupted due to virus infection or other reasons? These are true problems that every computer user might meet. In this situation, only dynamic disk data recovery software is helpful with lost data recovery from a dynamic disk.

Free Dynamic Disk Data Recovery Software Download

In addition to what mentioned above, there are many other causes for dynamic disk data loss. Working as professional dynamic disk data recovery software, iCare Data Recovery is capable of retrieving files from dynamic disk in many situations. You may follow the steps below to perform dynamic disk data recovery simply.

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Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the dynamic disk partition where data got lost and click "Recover" button. Then the software will perform a scan on the selected partition.

select drive
Step3. You just need to wait in the scanning process.

recover files
Step4. When scanning is over, you are allowed to preview the found files. Then select the files you need and click "Save Files" button to recover the selected files.

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Common Situations for Dynamic Disk Data Loss

The most common situations for dynamic disk data loss include: dynamic disk partition not formatted error, dynamic disk got formatted by mistake, delete files from a dynamic disk and dynamic disk partition is deleted.
iCare Data Recovery is available for data recovery in any of situations above, but there is some useful tips for you:
1. You had better not write any file to a dynamic disk partition that has been formatted or from which files have been deleted.
2. You had better not format the dynamic disk partition when it says not formatted error.

Dynamic Disk Partition Becomes Inaccessible after System Reinstalling

A lot of computer users have ever encountered such kind of problem. The dynamic disk partition is inaccessible or unreadable after system reinstallation. In this situation, the most important thing is to get back the files store on the partition. iCare Data Recovery is able to recover data from a dynamic disk partition even it is inaccessible or unreadable. This software helps recover all kinds of files including videos, music, photos, emails, office files, documents, PDF files and more. With help of iCare Data Recovery, you can recover data from an NTFS dynamic disk partition, FAT dynamic disk partition and even a RAW dynamic disk partition.

Dynamic Disk Is Attacked by Virus

Virus can cause terrible trouble for a computer. When a dynamic disk is infected with virus, it may become inaccessible and files on the disk may be erased or corrupted. In this situation, you may run some good anti-virus software to kill the virus, but it is not sure that files will come back even all virus have been permanently removed from the disk. If so, you can use iCare Data Recovery to perform data recovery. The software can succeed in restoring lost files from an inaccessible dynamic disk when other data recovery software fails. You don’t need to worry that your computer will be attacked by virus again after reinstalling this software because it is 100% free from any risk and it is completely secure for all Windows users.

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Works for Windows All Editions


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