Unformat USB Flash Drive/Stick RAW Not Formatted

If you have ever checked the properties of your USB memory stick, you may find that the file system of a USB memory stick is usually FAT32. If the file system changes to RAW on a USB memory stick, Windows cannot recognize it and it will ask you to format the USB memory stick. If you are trying to format your USB memory stick because it shows RAW file system and disk not formatted error, you had better stop to look for a useful data recovery tool to retrieve all important files on the USB memory stick first of all.

RAW USB Memory Stick Data Recovery

A third-party data recovery tool provides the best and most useful solution for RAW USB drive recovery. Generally speaking, you can rely on data recovery software to restore all kinds of data from all brands of USB memory stick when it is inaccessible or unreadable due to RAW file system not formatted error. The data recovery software works effectively and safely to help with RAW USB memory stick data recovery. The recovery contains no virus, Trojan or malware, so it is a completely reliable and secure data recovery tool for your choice. The data recovery software can not only recover files from RAW memory stick, but also it helps recover files from unformatted pen stick.

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Steps to Recover Data from RAW USB Memory Stick

Download the data recovery software and follow below tutorial for RAW USB flash drive recovery free:

Step1. Insert the RAW USB memory stick to your PC. Free download, install and run data recovery software, and then choose a proper recovery option.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the USB memory stick as target device for scanning. You only need to wait patiently when the software is scanning the selected drive.

select drive
Step3.  When scanning is completed, the software will display all files in different folders. You can preview the files and then restore the files lost from the RAW USB memory stick.

recover files

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Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format on RAW USB Drive / Stick

As long as all important files have been recovered, you can format the USB memory stick to convert raw to ntfs without losing data or convert to FAT32. It is easy to format a USB memory stick, but sometimes Windows system might show you the message like "Windows was unable to complete the format". If you get such kind of message popped up by Windows system when you want to format the USB memory stick, you had better make it clear the reasons why USB memory stick cannot be formatted. Only if you know the reason why Windows shows it was unable to complete the format can you find the correct solution to solve the problem.

Possible Reasons Why RAW USB Memory Stick Cannot Be Formatted

1. The USB memory stick is infected with virus.

If USB memory stick is attacked by virus or Trojan, the files on the USB memory stick might be corrupted and you will be unable to format the USB memory stick. You can try to run anti-virus software to kill virus before formatting the USB memory stick. In order to protect your USB memory stick from being infected with virus and cause unexpected data loss, it is strongly advised you to install and update anti-virus software on your computer. In addition, you had better not insert your USB memory stick to public computer.

2. USB memory stick has bad sectors
Bad sectors on USB memory stick is another possible reason that can cause the USB not to be formatted. Therefore, you can check if there are bad sectors on the USB memory stick if Windows was unable to format it.

3. USB memory stick is write-protected

Some USB memory stick has write-protection switch. If the USB memory stick is write-protected, you will be unable to format the USB memory stick. In this situation, you only need to turn off the write-protection switch.

The data recovery software is helpful for data recovery from various kinds of storage media, such as:
>> Restore data from RAW micro SD card, CF card, XD card and memory stick
>> Recover files from RAW external hard drive
>> Recover photos from RAW pen stick

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