RAW USB Convert to FAT32 NTFS

Does your computer have problem with reading USB flash drive because its file system has converted to RAW? Are you unable to access USB flash drive because Windows asks for format disk drive? Removable storage media like USB flash drive is often set to FAT32 or NTFS file system, which can be recognized by Windows.

raw usb flash driveusb flash file sytem raw unreadable

If your USB flash drive changes to RAW file system, the dilemma you have to face is whether to format the drive or not. Format option is able to change RAW file system to FAT32 or NTFS, but everything on the flash drive will lose. Unformat option will not erase the USB flash drive, but you cannot access anything on the USB drive.

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Recover Data off RAW Flash Drive

Considering the situation above, you need to recover files off the USB flash drive when it has RAW file system and requires formatting. Choose data recovery tool to extract data from RAW USB flash drive without any hurt to the flash drive. Data recovery program can work on all types of USB flash drive for lost data recovery. Without accessing the USB flash drive, but the data recovery software can help you recover all lost files with original quality efficiently. The data recovery software is risk-free and 100% safe to use.

How to Recover RAW USB Stick Data

Free download the data recovery tool for data recovery from USB stick now:

download usb recovery software

Step1. Insert USB to the computer and free download data recovery software. Install, run the program and choose proper module.

select recovery
Step2. select your USB to perform scan.

select drive
Step3. preview all the files found after scanning. Choose the files you need and save to any storage device instead of the RAW USB flash drive.

recover files

After data recovery, you can check if all important files have been restored. Maybe you have recover most of lost files with the data recovery software. If some important files still have not been recovered, you can run the data recovery software again to try to find more lost files. Sometimes, you may be unable to recover all lost files because some files might be overwritten. If files have been overwritten, you will be unable to recover them.

Convert RAW Format USB Drive to NTFS FAT32

When files successfully recovered, you’d better format the original USB  to change raw fille systemto ntfs to fix raw drive and not formatted error. Or you may use RAW to NTFS/FAT32 converter software to help you.

Windows can’t Format RAW USB Thumb Drive

In order to format a USB thumb drive, the first important point is to make sure that it can be connected and recognized by your computer. When a thumb drive is not able to be formatted by Windows, you can try following methods:

1. Right click USB thumb drive on Windows computer and run error-checking tool to scan and repair errors.
2. Run antivirus software to scan the thumb drive to scan and fix virus.
3. Restore device defaults on USB flash drive

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USB RAW & Shows 0 Byte

When the file system of a USB flash drive changes to RAW, its total size, free space and used space will show 0 byte because Windows system was unable to recognize RAW file system. As a matter of fact, all files saved on the USB still remain intact there. By using data recovery tool, you can rescue the files. After formatting the USB from RAW to normal, the Windows system will recognize it normally and it will no longer show 0 byte.

USB Flash Drive Not Formatted Error

As what mentioned above, you cannot access the USB when your device has not formatted error. There’s way to fix the not formatted error on your USB flash drive with data back, the first step for you is to use the data recovery software to recover files from the flash drive. Then, you can fix the not formatted error on the USB flash drive by formatting. Usually, you can fix the USB drive not formatted error whether you full format or quick format the drive.

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