How to Recover Photos from Formatted Olympus SD Card

Can I Recover Photos from Formatted Olympus SD Card?

Can you recover photos after format Olympus SD memory card? Or repair a damaged sd card without data loss? Though Olympus digital camera and SD card inside are both elegant and secured storage devices, accidentally formatting the camera or memory card happens from time to time. When you format your camera or card by mistake, or your disk or card become inaccessible because of RAW unformatted error, you must feel panic and anxious for the precious photos loss and wonder if there is any way to recover all data and fix the unformatted error. Luckily, formatted drive or memory card recovery is not as complex as people think. With a third party recovery software, every computer beginner can do the recovery easily. Then, what is the most proper recovery software to recover photos from memory card SD? iCare Data Recovery Pro is highly recommended. It supports all major photo types, such as GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, WMF, CR2, DNG, RAF, ERF, RAW, NEF, ORF etc.

How to Recover Photos from Formatted Olympus SD Card?

download data recovery software

Download the program and install it on your computer. Then connect your SD card to computer. You can insert it into the camera memory slot and connect camera to computer, or directly connect SD card to PC via a card reader. Then, follow the guide below to recover deleted files from SD card:

Step One: Launch the software and see the main menu as follow. In accordance with your case, you should choose "Format Recovery" module to recover your accidentally formatted disk or memory card.

select recovery

Step Two:  Select your SD card as a target disk and tick "Recover" to start automatically searching process.

Step Three:  The scan device may cost you a few seconds or longer, which depends on the memory card capacity and the network. When it finishes, you can preview all found files by clicking "Show Files" button.

wait while scanning

Step Four: All found files are listed in the files or folder tree. You can feel free to preview all the files one by one to check your lost photos are there. If they are, mark them and click "Save Files" button to finish the recovery.

recover files

In addition to recover files from SD card, iCare Data Recovery also allows you to recover files after quick format CF card by mistake or when CF card reports RAW file system. When you want to format the card but receiving message like memory card unable to format? Do not worry! At least, the memory card can still be recognized, so you still have chance to retrieve lost pictures or other files.

Recover Not Only Images & Photos, But Also Audios & Videos?

Someone may query that since iCare Data Recovery Pro can recover photos from formatted camera or memory card easily, can it recover audios or videos? The answer is definitely YES. Apart from audio and video files, iCare Data Recovery Pro  furthermore supports PDF file, music files and office files recovery. Once you formatted your camera or memory card and whatever files you lost, the best thing you should do is stop taking more photos on it. Let iCare Data Recovery Pro help you perform SD card deleted data recovery after formatting due to any reason.

Tips About SD Card Usage

  1. Keep the metal contacts on SD card clean and use microfiber cloth to clean the metal contacts.
  2. Format your SD card occasionally to maintain top performance.
  3. Do not shoot any new photos at once if your SD card is accidentally formatted.
  4. About Olympus

    As a pioneer of optical digital technology, Olympus camera features excellent production technology and stylish design. Despite the fierce competition in the digital camera market, Olympus firmly demonstrates a strong market influence. Olympus digital cameras are mainly divided into four series: μ series, positioned as a household digital camera; FE series, targeted at fashion portable digital camera; μ TOUGH series, targeted at the waterproof digital camera; SP series, positioned as to find coke digital camera; E series, targeted at digital SLR camera. Olympus camera memory slots are available for SD and SDHC to store numbers of high quality photos.

download data recovery software

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