How to Recover Formatted Fujifilm XD Card

I formatted My XD Card. Can I Recover it?

Question: Hello, there. I hope you can help me recover my photos from formatted XD card (mine is Fujifilm). I was wandering around and wanna took some special details. Somehow, I pressed the button "Format" and all photos are instantly disappear. Is there any software that can undo format my XD card and recover my photos? Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Answer: Hi, I had the similar problems with my memory card before. I tried iCare Data Recovery Pro to restore the photos. To my surprise, it recover the photos I have deleted several months ago, even I have forgotten that I stored them on this card. It's really practical and useful. It just costed me five minutes to recover all the photos. Its interface is simple and easy to understand. Once the recovery is done, no more problem. Feel free to try it.

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How to Restore Photos after I Pressed "Delete All"?

Question: I just came back from vacation and was ready to have a glimpse of all photos. Some photos are bad, so I want to clean them out. But the tragedy is that I pressed the wrong button to delete all photos instead of just those ticked photos. Can I recover the deleted photos? I need free XD card data recovery software.Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Answer: Hi, I once did this stupid thing, either. My friend suggested me to use iCare Data Recovery Pro, so I downloaded it and install it onto my computer. My friend said that I should choose "Format Recovery" module. Then click "Recover" button to scan, and choose partition to preview the files. At last, click "Save Files" button…Done! I think it's quite fast and practical. All of my photos have been recovered and their quality is as good as before. Hope this software works for you, too. Good luck!

If I Take New Photos, Can I Still Recover the Lost Photos?

Question: Evening, guys. I formatted my Fujifilm XD card by mistake yesterday, but I did not send it for service to recover data. This morning I heard from my friend that the formatted memory card can be recovered by free recovery software. Is that true? I have already taken some new photos on my Fujifilm XD card (just five pictures). Does this matter? 
Answer: If you did not take new photos on your card, this thing should be easy to resolve. You may have no idea that the data are not gone for good though you have formatted your XD card. They are still intact on your card and waiting to be overwritten. When you take new photos, the old data will be covered by them, until then the old data are erased permanently. Luckily, you did not take too much new photos, so you may use iCare Data Recovery Pro to restore the data. I'm not sure that it can recover all you needed photos. Whatever, you can have a try.

Recover Which Types of Memory Card?

Question: iCare Data Recovery Pro can recover photos from formatted memory card? Which types of memory card does it support?
Answer: Almost all format of memory card. It can recover data after quick format / full format XD card, SD card, MMC card, CF card, Memory Stick, USB drive etc.

You can use iCare Data Recovery software to restore files when XD memory card is not detected by camera or PC.

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