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How to Recover Blackberry Photos

The software works for all series of Blackberry phones for data recovery, so you can use it to recover deleted files from Blackberry Z10, Q10, Curve, etc in all data loss problems.

download data recovery software

Step 1: Download the free trial of iCare Data Recovery, and install it on your PC or laptop (You are recommended to install the program on a connected external drive if there is one).

select recovery

Step2. Be sure your Blackberry cell phone has connected to your computer, and then boot the software by double-clicking the icon. On the main menu, you can select "Advanced Files Recovery" for deleted photos recovery, or "Formatted Recovery" for formatted photo recovery.

Step3. After that, the software begins scanning the lost files. When it finishes, you can press "Show Files" to preview the recoverable photos.

preview found photo

Click "Recover" by thumbnail to locate the photos you want to restore and save them.

1. Do not take new photos to your Blackberry cell phone as soon as you deleted photo by mistake.
2. Do not save the recovered data on your Blackberry Curve or the memory card again.

Why Can Photo Recovery

When you accidentally delete or format photos or video, the data are not permanently gone. Similarly, when you connect your Blackberry or memory card to computer, the mistakenly erased data won't go to the recycle bin or trash. That's why you cannot find them there. In fact, these data are still intact in your Blackberry cell phone or computer (if you have transferred them to computer). Those deleted files only marked as deleted by file system, and the real data are complete. They are invisible to users, so users can continually input new data to overwrite the blank space left by those deleted files. However, once you put new data into the cell phone or memory card, it is hard to recover the lost data back. What does that mean to user? It means user can recover those photos from Blackberry as long as the deleted data spaces are not fully occupied. Then, you may want to know how to recover lost Blackberry photos. First things first, you need a photo recovery program. Those recovery application use advanced algorithm to analyze the deleted data, which can effectively scan the data and recover them. Keep reading, and you can get a systematic guide to retrieve your photos by iCare Data Recovery Pro.

Blackberry Memory Card Not Working

One possible cause for Blackberry photo loss is that the memory card stops working in the phone. Instead, you may receive different kinds of error message. For instance,
>> Blackberry reports that memory card needs to be formatted
>> Memory card is not accessible
>> Blackberry says that there is no memory card inserted
>> More other similar error messages
If Blackberry phone memory card is not working and showing the error message above, you can download iCare Data Recovery software to recover data off the memory card.

download data recovery software

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