How to Recover Olympus XD Card Formatted by Mistake

Last updated on 10/04/2018

Can I retrieve all documents formatted on my storage card Olympus XD card by accident? This page will tell step-by-step solution.

Recover Accidentally Formatted Olympus XD Card

Have you ever found yourself in this situation where you formatted your Olympus XD card without intention. When you realized how serious mistake you had made, your heat sank and shattered because the command can not be retrieved. Wanna recover accidentally formatted Olympus XD card? I'd like to share the most easy and efficient way with you.

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro--Install it onto your computer--Launch it and choose "Format Recovery"--Select Olympus XD card and click "Recover" button--Hit "Show Files"--Press "Save Files" button. 
Follow the procedures and you can successfully recover your data from the formatted Olympus XD card.

download data recovery software

iCare Data Recovery Pro

iCare Data Recovery Pro is a typical software to undo format memory card and help data recovery. Focused on file recovery. No matter you accidentally format your card by hit "Quick format", "Complete format", or "Full format", iCare Data Recovery Pro can save your life and restore all your data on this card. It provides a free deep scan on your memory card, so every existing or hidden data (images, office files, CAD files, Emails etc) can be searched out. In addition, when you deleted photos or videos by mistake, it can help you restore these photos or videos from all types of memory card; when your files are disappear due to virus attack, it can help you find the lost files; when your memory card is corrupted and you are unable to open it, this wonderful tool can help you unformat your memory card to recover these unformatted data on it; even when you reformat your card, it can still retrieve the data on the premise that old data are not overwritten.

Recover from Not Only XD Card, But Also SD, CF, Memory Sticks and more…

iCare Data Recovery Pro supports all major memory card types: SD card (MiniSD and MicroSD), CF card (Compact Flash card), XD card, Memory Sticks, MMC, USB drive and more. Therefore, you can use it to recover data after quick format SD card, XD card, CF card, etc. USB drive, etc.
It is also fully compatible with major Windows platinums, including Windows XP, Windows XP, Windows 7.

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