Recover Deleted Video Images from SDHC Card

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"Help! I accidentally deleted a video from a Sandisk Ultra 32 GB SDHC card. It is my daughter's wedding! I did not back up. The video has no copy. Oh, my god. Can I recover it? It's really important. It's an AVCHD recording from a Sony NECAM U70. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance."

Resolutions: SDHC card recovery tool would be a best option.

Video Tutorial: how to recover deleted video from sd card

Download iCare Free to Recover SDHC/SDXC

Recovering deleted files off SDHC card with sd card data recovery software when:

  1. Mistakenly delete files from sdhc card in mobile phone
  2. Erase sdhc card by accident on Mac or Windows
  3. Erase photo/video from sdhc when running an antivirus program on your Android phone or computer after attaching the card to pc.
  4. Virus hides some files on the SDHC, in which situation you believe that those hidden files were deleted by mistake.
  5. Wipe out the SDHC card after performing a quick format/complete format on it.
  6. Files got deleted or removed during data transferring

Free Memory Card Recovery


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro Free to recover files from mobile phone camera memory card including photos, videos, music...

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from SDHC Card?

Now, it's your time to test the efficacy of this software.

Preparations: To perform the deleted video recovery, you need first of all download iCare Data Recovery Pro and finish the installation onto your computer. Then, bridge your SDHC card to the computer by inserting the card into the slot or use a card reader(required). When your computer recognizes it as a drive letter, you can start the recovery work.

Step One: Download, install and boot iCare Data Recovery. Choose "Deep Scan Recovery" module.

select recovery
Step Two: Choose your SDHC card and click "Recover" button. Then the software will scan files on this card.

Step Three: Choose a partition to preview the found files from the below wizard.

select drive

Step Four: All found files have been listed on the left of this wizard. By clicking them, you can view them on the right side of this interface. Tick the deleted video and press "Save Files" button to save it.

show files

Notes for SDHC File Recovery

  • If you happen to delete some important files from your SDHC, do not input new files onto it, for new files will occupy the spaces (the deleted files once occupied before) and overwrite the old files. As a result, you are less likely to recover the deleted files and you may lose your important files forever. Remember that before the files are successfully recovered, do not use your card or disk.
  • When selecting a destination for recovered video, do not save it on your SDHC card again, but choose another safe location.
  • Files might be lost from SDHC card due to other reasons like formatting card or memory card is corrupted.

Deleted Files Recovery from All Types of SD Memory Card

iCare Data Recovery Pro is not only able to recover videos from SDHC card, but also from a wide range of memory card formats. The mainstream memory card formats (MMC, SD, MiniSD, Memory Stick, SM, MicroSD, CF Card, flash memory etc) are all compatible with this tool.

Supported file types: Except for video files, it can also restore photos, audio files, office files and so on.

You can use this data recovery software to unformat USB flash memory, portable hard drive, hard drive and more other device to get back lost files.

SDHC Recovery Tool for Android Mobile

Sometimes, we may not remember to make a backup for Android mobile phone and mistakenly delete files precious data from it. It seems like that there is no better way to avoid data loss trouble but to make a backup. If you like store files to an SDHC card inserted in your smartphone, you can make a backup to the phone's internal memory.

If files really got lost forever from phone's memory card or internal memory, please do not install any so-call Android data recovery App on your phone to retrieve data. On the one hand, a program being installed to your phone probably occupies the storage space which was used to save lost data and overwrite it. And on the other hand, some App may not be compatible with your phone's system and cause more serious data loss.

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