How to Recover Deleted Photo, Video, Music Files from CF Card

Last updated on 06/02/2018

Deleted Photo, Video, Music Files?

Given that you ever deleted your photo, video, and music files by mistake, what will you do to fix up this manual error? Have you ever searched for hours hoping to find some practical solutions but only found disappointment? Have you ever sent the CF card or other digital devices for expensive data recovery services? Are you still looking for a perfect solution for deleted files recovery free?

How to Recover Deleted Files from CF Card?

iCare Data Recovery Free is easy-to-handle and reliable memory card recovery software using advanced algorithm to retrieve all your valuable files. If you doubt the effectiveness of this software, just follow the procedures to test. This data recovery software is available for SanDisk CF card recovery, Lexar CF card recovery, Kingston CF card recovery and all brands of CF card recovery.

Step One Preparation:

download data recovery software
Download the software and install it on your computer. Connect the CF card to computer via a card reader.

Step Two Launch the software:
Double click the icon on the desktop or from "Start" to launch iCare Data Recovery. Choose "Deep Scan Recovery" module.

select recovery

Step Three Select target drive:
Select your CF card as target drive and click "Recover" button to scan.

Step Four Preview the found items:
After the scan, choose the ticked partition to preview the founded files.

wait while scanning

Step Five Save the files:
Mark those you once deleted files and select a new location to recover them. Don't save them on your CF card again. Click "Save Files" button to finish.

show files

download data recovery software

I can fully understand your anxious feeling when suffering with this kind of nightmare. But, do not worry any more. Here, I will offer you an exhaustive resolution. As you may not know, the deleted files are not erased from your CF card as we normally think. The files are renamed as "Deletion" and marked as "invisible" by files system. That's why we cannot see them or access to them. Naturally, we will mistakenly believe that the deleted files have been crashed completely. Since the deleted photo, video and music files are still intact on the card, now, you can release your anxious and keep reading to get more details about CF card deleted file recovery.

Tips for This Case

If you once deleted your important files on your memory card (SD,CF, TF, XD ETC)by mistake, the first thing you should do is pull out it from the digital devices and set your card aside. Remember that do not take any more photos or input any new other files, for the new data may overwrite your old data and decrease the chance to retrieve deleted photos, videos and music. 

iCare Data Recovery is a data recovery tool that is able to work for CF card deleted files recovery on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista no matter why you delete files from the Compact Flash card.

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