Free to Recover Data from Samsung TF MicroSD Card with Unformatted Error

Last updated on 10/04/2018

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Samsung TF MicroSD Unformatted Error

"When I connect my memory card to computer (win7), out of nowhere came an notice saying that card is not formatted. do you want to format it now. I do not want to format my card, is there any method to fix this memory card not formatted error? My card is Samsung TF MicroSD card."

Apart from this, you may come across other similar unformatted error message, like Memory card cannot be read, unformatted card, CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives or memory card is damaged and not accessible. Solutions for this kind of unformatted error will be explained in detail later.

Solutions for Samsung TF Card Unformatted Problem

When a Samsung TF card shows unformatted problem, you can try following solutions without relying on any tool:

Solution 1. Plug the Samsung TF MicroSD card to another computer via a card reader. Sometimes, the error message came up due to the problem exists not in the memory card but in computer. Though this happens seldom, we cannot ignore the possibility.

Solution2. Bridge the actual digital device with your memory card inside to the computer or laptop. In other words, insert your memory card into a removable device, for instance, digital camera, smart phone or camcorder. Then use a USB cable to connect the drive and the computer. Try extracting data if your computer recognizes the two devices.

Recovery of Samsung MicroSD Card with Unformatted Error

download data recovery softwareFree download iCare Data Recovery Pro for unformatted Samsung TF card recovery

After trying the solutions above, but you still cannot access the Samsung micro SD card because it keeps saying unformatted message? Now, try with iCare Data Recovery Pro, a read-only tool that is able to work for unformatted Samsung micro SD card data recovery. It can retrieve all your files on the memory card without formatting the card. Therefore, you can no longer worry about data loss due to format Samsung TF MicroSD card.

Step1. Free download this recovery software and install it on your computer. Choose "Deep Scan Recovery" module to recover the files on your card.

select recovery

Step2. Select the Samsung micro SD card (usually the software recognizes it as an unknown device) and click Next button to scan the files. The scanning process will take some time to search all items, depending on the amount of data you have stored to the card.


Step3. When the scan is over, program will show you a partition list to preview found files. You can select "Thumbnail" to view the thumbnails of each file, or you can click "Details" to merely see the name of each file. Double click each file; you can also preview all files one by one. Finally, you can choose all files you need and save them.

preview and save

download data recovery softwareFree download iCare Data Recovery Pro


  • Do not format your memory card when Windows prompts you to format it. If you do, the command "Format" will quickly erase all data on your card (but they can still be recovered). To simplify this unformatted error, you are recommended to use recovery software directly to recover your data. It is able to recover data from memory card without formatting.
  • Though using USB cable is one of the solution, it is still highly recommended to use card reader when you need connect your memory card to computer. Because this can reduce the scanning time and avoid the operation error on the card.
  • Save the recovered files on another drive or memory card if you want to complete the SD card recovery successfully.

Repair Unformatted Error on Samsung Micro SD Card

You have to reformat the Samsung micro SD card in order to repair the unformatted error. Samsung micro SD card is a type of memory card that can be used in any type of smartphone and it is also compatible with Windows computers through a proper card reader or USB cable. Therefore, you can format it either on your mobile phone or computer.

If Samsung micro SD card failed to be formatted by Windows or phone, you may try to check if the Samsung TF has any bad sectors or contains virus. To check virus, you can run antivirus program to scan the card. And to check bad sectors, you can run command line or Windows error-checking tool to scan and repair the Samsung micro SD card. After doing the two things, try again to reformat Samsung TF card. You can use diskpart to format unformatted Samsung micro SD when format is not completed in Windows Explorer.

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