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Kingston MicroSD Card Is Unformatted Error

micro sd unformattedAlong with the convenience, some errors happen from time to time to drive user to crazy. Since most people do not back up their important files, they will feel great panic and anxious when their card encounters some unknown errors and all files become inaccessible at once. That is indeed a nightmare. Errors might be "microSD card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now", or "memory card cannot be read", or "access to memory card is denied", "memory card is corrupted and unreadable", "memory card has raw file system", "CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives", etc. Kinds of errors stop us to access to our files.

Possible Causes for Unformatted Error on Kingston Micro SD Card

  • Format memory card by mistake
  • Manual wrong operation on Kingston micro SD card
  • Water, heat or other physical damage on Kingston TF memory card
  • Files are already damaged
  • Virus infection

All the above causes may lead to the unformatted error on microSD card, and there are still other unknown reasons.

How to Recover Files from Unformatted Kingston MicroSD Card?

Based on the research, we can get a conclusion that files on memory card are not gone forever even you format your memory card or removable devices. Hence, no matter you have already formatted your card or drive, or you're suffering unformatted error and gonna format card, data recovery software is able to do with such common problem for formatted memory card files recovery. However, to ensure the successful recovery, you should stop using your Kingston micro SD card or devices to avoid the old files are overwritten by new ones. Keep them safe and do some preparation are the right things you should do.

Things You Need: Kingston MicroSD Card, Card Reader, iCare Data Recovery Pro

Free download format recovery software now for micro SD card recovery with help of tutorial below:

download data recovery software

Step One:  Visit the page and install this software on your computer. Then connect your MicroSD card to computer via a card reader. Double click the desktop icon to boot the software. From the four modules, choose the proper one for your case.

select recovery

Step Two: Choose your card and click "Next" button.

wait while scanning

Step Three: Click "Preview" to preview found files and then recover the files you desired to restore.

recover files

How to Fix Unformatted Kingston Micro SD Card?

You may need to format the Kingston micro SD card in order to fix unformatted error. Usually, you can perform format by inserting the microSD card to your mobile phone or computer. What you should pay attention is that PC probably reports Windows was unable to complete the format micro SD card in some situations.


For more detailed information for the issue, please go to this page - Solution for Windows cannot format error>>

About Kingston MicroSD Card

Kingston MicroSD card provides much convenience when you need record something on portable devices, such as digital cameras, cell phones, MP3 players and gaming systems. It can hold picture files, game files, document files and offer flexibility for users to transfer them to anywhere they want. Its tiny size is easy to carry and save. Users can feel free to rely on the storage tool to save large amount of files on it.

Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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