Free download software to recover files photos from cf card when it shows RAW

About CF Card

CF card for its full name is "Compact Flash", which was first produced by Sandisk in 1994. It is the oldest storage format as well as the most popular one supporting many new devices to expand their capacity. It is mainly used in cameras, DSLRs, camcorders, music players and game devices. In terms of speed and size, CF card is larger and faster than other memory cards, such as SD card, XD card, memory stick etc. Due to its mass storage, users tend to put all important files on it without any backup. However, believe it or not, this may put your data at great risk because of accidentally deletion, format, card corruption, RAW error etc. The following paragraph is a FAQ about RAW files recovery.

"I am using a Sandisk Extreme 60MB/s CF card. I accidentally format the card. There were some photos in there, in RAW format. Is it possible to recover them with SanDisk CF card recovery software?
Hope someone can give me some advice on how to recover pictures from a corrupted CF card which is in RAW file system..."

That does not happen alone. We do not always back up all of our important data while this sort of memory card will meet some unknown damages to lost data. Luckily, there is software you can access the RAW data on your CF card without expensive assistance. Special free software iCare Data Recovery will allow you to perform data recovery. With this best memory card recovery software - iCare Data Recovery, you are able to restore different kinds of files from RAW CF card.

Possible causes for RAW Files or not formatted error of CF card

1. If CF card gets damaged or corrupted, it may display the file system as "RAW" instead of "NTFS" or "FAT32."
2. Strongly unplugging CF card from PC when the process is still on
3. Accidentally format CF card
4. Virus Attack
5. Other reasons

How to Recover CF card Files from RAW?

download data recovery software

Here is tutorial for RAW CF card photo recovery:

1. First things first, you should download a free version. Then, install it on your computer and set a desktop icon for the next steps.

2. Insert your CF card to computer via a card reader or other removable media. Double click the icon to launch the software to get a main menu as the picture shows.  

3. Select "Deep Scan Recovery". This module is designed for RAW files recovery by using RAW searching technology. It can scan out every file on your CF card.
4. From the partition list, select the RAW CF card.
5. Waiting for the scanning.

6. Later, scanning device will finish the process. Please choose the first partition to show files.

7. From the next window, you can get a view of all recoverable data. Select the RAW files you want to restore. Click "Recover" to finfish the recovery.

select recovery

download data recovery softwareDownload here

1. Ignore the massage "CF card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" .Do not format your card before the recovery is done.
2. Do not put more files on your card to avoid possible overwriting.
3. An external card reader is necessary to connect your CF card to computer.

Windows Failed to Format RAW CF Card to FAT32

Once all data has been restored from the RAW CF card, you can perform RAW drive fix on the card. You can run CHDSK for RAW drive error or format the RAW CF card to change file system from RAW to FAT32.

==>> If you encounter any problem to format CF card from RAW to FAT32 because PC says CF card cannot be formatted, please go to this page - Memory card cannot be formatted by Windows >>

CHKDSK Is Not a Recognized Command for RAW CF Card

CF card is a digital storage medium for device like digital camera and PDA. If you want to run CHKDSK for RAW CF card for error fixing, you need to connect the CF card to your computer properly. CHKDSK is a error check tool widely used for error fixing on hard disk drive, sometimes CHKDSK is not a recognized command for RAW CF card.

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